Tuesday 2 September 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - CONFLICT

After discussing the matter for so long, Ranjana and Shailja could not come to the conclusion and the simple discussion turned into argument.

Ranjana who was simple in life and in her beliefs too wanted to present a collage for their parents anniversary, whereas Shailja wanted to break their joint piggy bank for expensive gift.

They were so much annoyed with each other’s gifting ideas that they forgot; they were working as a team to surprise their loving parents.

Both wished for something extra ordinary but conflict raised in thoughts and anger in actions.

Though a little thing, but conflict makes it look larger.


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  1. So much said in just 5 sentences! nice work!

  2. Hope they were able to gift properly! Conflict makes things tough.

    1. If conflict is resolved then surely anything is possible.


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