Thursday 28 August 2014

Each POLICE alphabet means...

The one profession that can’t go malice,
That is none other than POLICE.
POLICE word itself is very meaningful,
As each alphabet meaning is powerful.

If P stands for Protector,
And not to be mere judicial traitor.

O stands for Observing the laws,
And correcting the one with flaws.

L is for doing Legal assistance,
And not be just mere existence.

I is to Inspect situations being careful,
 And not to miss any by being vigilant.

C is to catch hold of Culprits,
And make sure you hold them tight.

E is to execute the judgment,
That is only correct movement.

If each one of duty done up to mark,
Then no one will be left in dark.
Numbers of crime should come down,
Or else each one is just as a clown.

If you ever think to go corrupt,
Then surely all lives get interrupt.
Full fill your duties with bravery,
Or else duties turn into mockery.


This post is written for IndiSpire 27th edition
This post is also linked to ABC Wednesday Challenge for the theme "P is for".


  1. POLICE is so well-explained & expressed.
    Wish it's really so in reality, Sonal.

    1. Wishing and Hoping only left in such cases.

  2. I have problematic feelings towards the police these days. I also have relatives who are police. I found your poem respectful and hopeful, and well-expressed.

    SamuraiFrog, ABCW

    1. Thank you Samurai. Keep hope and faith things shall surely turn positive


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