Sunday 17 August 2014

Why I worship & love Lord KRISHNA the most

Why I love Krishna the most,
This question I am being always post.
Here is my answer, to all those questions,
Krishna’s simple sayings mention.
Charming face mesmerizes all,
And my worries of towers fall.
He is like my child, when I shower care,
For whom I take utmost care.

Aura Of Thoughts - Why worship krishna
Belief in KRISHNA becomes stronger

When he loves, he doesn’t bother,
He just wants others to prosper.
He is best as the mentor,
As his advices never make you wander.
He is omnipresent in every verse,
Even in his mouth resides universe.
Though Krishna is divine,
But somewhat he is like mine.

Krishna Aura Ofthoughts
His magical flute says it all,
Spreading love among all.
Love, happiness, anger, pain,
All this is what Krishna’s tame.
He played pranks and tricks on loved ones,
And rescued all from dangerous evil demons.
Trumpet, drum, harmonium that cannot say,
His aura of magical flute plays.

Just feel him everywhere,
When you are in despair.
Boundless, fearless are all his deeds,
This never let your eyes weep.
Make his portrait permanent in your heart,
See how you bounce back for a new start.
Is Krishna here today, is this what u say,
I believe in my heart he always stays.


  1. Nice poem and very well expressed !!

  2. Wonderfully penned lines, speaks of your intense devotion for the charming god. Indeed the Bhagvad Gita contains all answers to life's questions!

    1. Thanks Uma. Yes Gita has all answers, but understanding them at right time is beauty

  3. Good that you've found a faith meaningful to you!

  4. Tremendous speculation
    जबरदस्त अटकलें

  5. Yes, krishna is every where. Just back from vrindavan this weekend and the aura and peace of baanke bihari temple is still in my heart and mind
    @Ujjwal Mishra mywordsmywisdom

  6. That's speaks a lot about your love and devotion for Lord Krishna. Lovely expression.

  7. wow loved reading this. Being a spiritual person, I also believe on the super power of almighty. It is the same for all cast and communities. We have given different names only. Imp is to keep faith on God and do good things in life.

  8. I always love your poems it really touches my heart and this is so special as Lord Krishna is my one of the fav God!!

  9. Your faith speaks in your words. The devotion and dedication can be felt as a reader.

  10. Such sweet write up! I dont actually follow him but I like learning more about love from Krishna! 💕☺

  11. It's lovely how we all have immense love for the Lord we believe in.. We all have been through different experiences and times to experience his love.. We all have faith in our own creator..

  12. Lovely poem! You expressed your love for Krishna very beautifully. I loved it and it is true that God is everywhere. We can feel the presence.

  13. I am not a spiritual person but your words made me smile, how beautifully you have written this. Loved reading it.

  14. Such a beautiful way of describing your love for Lord Krishna. Yes, he played tricks but he saved the world from demons and taught us the way of life too.

  15. This poem speaks a lot about your love for krishna. Nicely composed poem.


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