Monday 25 August 2014

In a Quest for Conversation..contd

Enjoy reading the first part of the story
I was left amazed to hear my name, when a voice called out saying “Hello Bench B-P-12, how are you?” I eagerly replied, “I am fine, but are you really talking to me?”. I was happy to meet a stranger and more in joy that a stranger was talking to me.

Then the little boy aged around 7 said, “Yes, I am talking to you”. I was so happy to hear someone talking to me, “What’s your name child?” I asked.

He answered, “I am Zen, recently shifted to nearby apartments”.

“Oh! that’s great, so now you will be regular visitor of the park and my companion too.”, I replied cheerfully.

Zen answered, “No, I don’t think so, I get bored here”.
I was perplexed to hear that how can a child say no to park and asked him, “Why is it so? Don’t you like playing here?”

Zen sadly replied, “I don’t know anyone here, all my friends are left behind.”
Zen was bit hesitant to talk to the other kids in the park but, I could see a quest of conversation in his eyes. I knew how important a companion is and decided to motivate him to make a start.
“Oh! c’mon you can make friends”, I assured.
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 B-P-12 is happy to have company
Zen eagerly asked, “Is it that easy? How I can start a conversation with them?”
I tried to make him a bit relaxed and answered his anxious question ,”Why don’t you do the same way you started a conversation with me.”

“But, what if they don’t allow me to play with them?” Zen asked.
I told Zen don't hesitate to initiate a conversation and be confident, and in the fear of rejection you will stop making friends. You can always make friends by saying a “Hi or Hello with a big smile”.
Zen who was keenly listening said, “That’s it”.
I also added, “Yes, I know making a first move for conversation is difficult, but once done all will go smoothly.”

By taking my encouraging words Zen rose to start a few steps and turned back to say “Thank you B-P-12”.
And I said happily,” you are lucky Zen.You can have friends, they are precious part of life, and now I am too to have you.”

Suddenly a ball came bouncing towards him, and was asked to pass on. I immediately prompted Zen to say Hello and start a conversation.

Then Zen smiling started “Hello I am Zen, Can I play with you all” and all the kids around smiled and nodded in yes.

I have my share of happiness seeing Zen playing regularly in park and of course Zen is happy to have friends around.

“Inspiration can be taken from anyone or I shall say anything; important is to start, naturally it will have smooth finish”

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