Thursday 14 August 2014

15 Questions raised on a National Day

John F Kennedy strikingly quoted” Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. This thought really made me ponder for a while, and a series of questions were raised in my mind and put forth before my soul on a national day. I want to share with you all these questions that made me spell bound.

1. Why that is the patriotic feeling is felt only on National days? Why not we feel the same every single day?
2. Am I treasuring to be part of an independent country, which was gifted by our national leaders and their followers; who sacrificed their life only to give their future generations a beautiful place to live freely?
3. Is there any match to freedom fighters valor and love for their nation which makes our eyes wet?
4. Is just discussing about politics and the changes required will make the difference? Or any actions are also taking place?
5. What as a citizen of a country I can contribute for its further betterment? Is my share useful?
6. Does paying taxes, completes my responsibilities?
7. Or just supporting my nation’s team in world championship?
8. Does sharing forwards on betterment of nation fullfil my duty? Or displaying pictures of national symbols showcases my patriotism?
9.  Do I have become selfish and forgot my duties? Why at times we ignore or forget our duties towards our country?
10. Is patriotism in today’s time is only left in army, navy and air forces?
11. Is my duty over by electing lawmakers and national & state elected representatives?
12. How can I conserve my country’s Natural resources and its rich heritage? Am I doing something for that?
13. Am I standing against for every wrong deeds happening around?
14. Is respecting the laws and abiding to each bit of it should be my foremost duty?
15. What as a citizen I am teaching my kids? How can I work to set an example for my future generations?

My country is my identity, my pride, my strength, my home, and my life…I from today, in fact from now on will try my best to contribute my bit in whatever way I can. Do let me know how can I answer my soul….

“Be the change you want to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Good questions. Americans failed to vote, in large numbers recently; ticked me off.

    I will steal this!


    1. Thanks Roger. Questions only make one realise their aspirations


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