Thursday 21 August 2014

In a Quest for Conversation

In a huge well-maintained lush green park where bushes were carved in shape of the animals and benches were placed in a row at equal distances all around the jogging track; where each one denoted by a unique number. And I am Bench number P-12, in short I am B-P-12. I am placed beside a bush shaped out into an elephant; I too feel majestic and strong along the bush.  Even I hold a special place in the park, as I am little bigger than the other benches.

My morning starts by witnessing fitness lovers who start their day with morning walk, jogging and exercises; few are in their own world with headphones on. And then there are batch of little aged people who walk at their own pace to stay fit. I really love to listen when they discuss about how things were in past and how everything is changing rapidly.  

I often see that two complete strangers get seated to take some rest,  just pass on a half a smile, that justifies they are here for sitting and not for any conversation and I get bored. I like people whose landmark is my place, and they would say “Let’s start morning walk tomorrow from B-P-12 bench”. I feel the importance as I am marking start of their fitness journey.

And there is another set of people, which are similar to me as they just sit and gaze at the sky, or surroundings in a deep thought, may be they find peace of mind by sitting alone on bench rather than walking or jogging in park.

Afternoons are calm, and from evening, park is filled with children and elders again. I like people around me, which make me happy and lively in the world.
Conversation story auraofthoughts
B-P-12 looking for a company
Sometimes I think, I have witnessed a peaceful soul, endless chat, tears of person, and been a support to very old people to stand, a test for toddlers to climb upon me, sometimes a security for people’s belongings for few hours and sometimes for days. Many come and go, but at end I am alone; I give accompany to many but, who accompanies me”?

“All are busy bees, no one would just stop and talk to me for a while”.
“When I would be in a conversation and not mere an alibi of a conversation?”

When I was doing self-talk for refreshment, a voice saying “Hello Bench B-P-12, how are you?” left me stunned.



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