Tuesday 26 August 2014

Coincidence : Destiny or Myth

What can we call the following incidents :

    1.When we choose a different route from the usual one, which never seems busy and suddenly we stuck in a traffic jam as though all traffic was diverted to this particular route. Or
2.Whenever we wear a particular color clothes, everything seems to be falling in place. Or
3.When we think of someone of whom we haven’t met from long time, and suddenly doorbell rings, when you open the door, the same person is standing in front of us. Or
4.Why always I land up parking my car at the particular parking number of a shopping mall.

Let's say if 1st is getting Unlucky, and 2nd is Luck, then what are 3rd   and 4th fate or destiny or shall I say all these are mere coincidences. Douglas Coupland very interestingly quoted “Every single moment is a coincidence.” Then according to this each and every thing is coincidence, in fact you reading the post too. 

"But what are coincidences & what is its importance in life and why they happen or Do we make them happen?”

Coincidences, to me are events in life that happen suddenly, and we don’t understand why it is happening besides sometimes its repetition makes our belief stronger; that we try connecting things with each other. We land up in many circumstances, which muses us at times & difficult to understand. When an incident good or bad occurs, we start analyzing it, the factors behind it and somewhere relate with the particular day of the week, the colour of clothes, the numbers associated with it. For example if a person got all appreciation from seniors on Wednesday, then professionally that day is lucky. Or if by wearing a particular ring one get’s all deals cracked, and that is lucky ring. Are these lucky charms or it just boosts our confidence levels and morale unknowingly to work further in same circumstances. To this Emma Bull cleverly quoted ” Coincidence is the word used when we can’t see the levers and the pulleys.”

Does coincidence decide fate - Aura of thoughts
Coincidences happen and not created

Is connecting our success or failures to coincidences right? Or are we looking for some other stuff to put blame on; as one can relax after that. For e.g. when one is not able to handle situations, it’s very easy to accuse the day or a particular colour; as they don’t defend back. It is very aptly quoted that “Nothing is just coincidence every tree in life’s garden bears significance.”

It is we who create coincidences and often visualise a situation in only one direction, rather for evaluating the conditions responsible for that. It’s true that coincidences happen but one shouldn’t make it a belief. Each and every situation is a part of life and if there were failures today, tomorrow success would definitely be yours. So build up such confidence that no color or number or thing can refrain us.  And few believe that coincidences are sign of God, but that should not stop anyone in doing their tasks. Patricia T Holland very rightly quoted that “Coincidence is a small miracle in which god chooses to remain anonymous.” And according to Bhagavat Gita too, “One need to do Karma, irrespective of desiring the results in future”

Finally I would only say, “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate, and if things happens, there is a logical reason for it.”

Linking with Light & Shade Challenge Dec 3, quote prompt "The only sure thing about luck is that it will change."- Bret Harte



  1. Very beautiful post. Every word depicts the truth of life. Every thing is predestined.

    1. Yes Usha Menon everything is predestined but still we look for change :)

  2. Lovely thoughts..and full of wisdom!

    1. Thank you Uma, happy that message was conveyed to all through this post.

  3. Replies
    1. Nabanita, facts are always present in front of us but we keep shutting our eyes.


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