Tuesday 23 September 2014

Past Diaries Open Up

Team : Maximus Dramaticus

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Paresh opened his eyes with feeble cries of pain in his temple, which was unbearable, saw bright reflection and felt that his wrong deeds had made his way to death.

The beeps of the medical instrument was only to be heard and he lay in the bed helpless with no one beside him and thought, “I am now reviled by the person to whom I helped to lead, Ahh! Damn you come in front you coward”.

His evil soul was constantly pricking him saying , “Prof Paresh you are a criminal; Yes! a dirty mind. See you are my slave now, nobody is with you Paresh, just no one;Ha..ha ha”. Paresh screamed in despair and went unconscious.


Lallan nervously calls from his hideout, “Work accomplished and no proof left. Yes! I am very sure about that, no doubt”, where on other side of call there was a sigh of relief.


Cyrus was tensed and worried for Jennifer and her unanswered calls made him even jittery. Past days were so unpredictable thought Cyrus and decided to visit Jennifer in wee hours. Chill breeze of January made Cyrus shiver; he zipped his jacket, put on the hood and started walking towards Jennifer’s hotel that was few miles away.

A lot of thoughts ran through his keen mind uncountable questions rose in past few days made him analyze each person from depth, but somehow he connected all events with Shekhar. He always kept his list of to do things with him. Forensic report details shocked him and was desperate to share it with Tara, as she was the one Cyrus trusted most.  

He was so indulged in his thoughts that he couldn't realize that he already reached the hotel. He quickly crumpled the paper and reached out at the doorbell.


Jennifer who was so engrossed in blog that after reading each post she told to herself “Cyrus is quite different person than I know”. Laying back she clicked on the post titled “Purity of love…”, but soon her laptop went off due to low battery.

“Little break from Chupa Rustam Cyrus” smiled Jennifer and started looking for charger in her bag, plugging charger she now felt the hunger, which was diminished in surfing the blog.

Taking the menu in hand, deciding what she could order at midnight, doorbell rang. Being over cautious from past event (kidnapping) Jennifer peeped in to key hole and saw Cyrus standing rubbing his palms, trying to keep himself warm.  Jennifer opened the door saying “Oho! The man with versatile talent is right here”.

Cyrus for a moment stared at Jenny, who was looking gorgeous in magenta Puma jacket and black lowers, and could not resist complementing, said “Jenny you are looking like a lotus in a pond”.

“Thank you Cy, come on in, I am about to order snacks, will you have it” Jennifer asked looking at menu.

“First you answer me, Why you did not pick my calls”, Cyrus authortively questioned.

“Oh Cy, wait for a moment”, Jenny calmed him and ordered sandwiches and coffee at reception.

Cyrus who was waiting for her answer stood impatiently thinking what made Jenny so busy and looked around for a chair to sit.

“So Mr.Writer, I was busy reading a blog” Jennifer turned to Cyrus after keeping the receiver down.

Jenny calling him writer, Cyrus was sure that she has found his blog said “Oh, that! It is just few words here and there”

“Only words, and what about pictures”, quizzed Jenny.

“Which pictures are you talking about”? Cyrus tried answer confidently; praying that Jenny would have not read all the posts.

“These one, Look. And how come you have my childhood images” Jenny called Cyrus to take a look at his laptop.

“So you don’t remember Jenny, when and where it was taken”, quickly asked Cyrus.

“No. I don’t”, Jenny answered trying to recollect.

“See here in left, it’s me. It was taken in Ladhak, where our fathers were posted for a year, and we resided in same colony” Cyrus revealed

Jenny amazingly looked at the child in picture and at Cyrus, again and again and said, “You have changed a lot Cyrus Daruwala how chubby you were then and now so lean”.


Tara completed reading few documents turned to see Roohi unhappily siting with her paintbrush in hand and gazing at her painting.

“Roohi you didn’t sleep yet, it’s late. C’mon keep your painting stuff aside and lie down” Tara said her while keeping all files in order.

“Mamma, why are we not in Mumbai” Roohi muttered

“What are you saying dear, be little louder”, tiredly Tara responded.

Roohi started crying saying “I want to go back to my home, where everyone was so happy, where I was not scolded for playing hide and seek. Let’s go Mamma”.

Soothing her Tara replied “We shall very soon go Roohi, once the puzzle is solved, we shall leave”.

“Which puzzle you are solving mamma, I am good at puzzles too, May I help you”, innocent Roohi thought of helping her perplexed mother.

“Thank you my little princess, Mamma shall solve it”, keeping Roohi’s painting kit aside and unfolding the quilt Tara assured Roohi “Soon we will be flying for home, but first go to sleep”.

Thinking now a professional shall solve this mysterious puzzle, Tara dialed a number, and the screen flashed “Dialing Painting Sir Aryan”.  

As the phone was ringing on other side, Tara mused “How she was glad to meet an honest officer in one of her outdoor assignments, who was brave at heart and extremely intelligent Aryan Ahuja, who was now residing as a neighbor. Very few knew he was under cover cop, and Tara was one of them, due to professional commitments she never even whispered to anyone.

After many rings Tara heard, “Hello Ms Tara” from the other end of call.

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  1. You have beautifully brought in all the characters , esp.Jenny and Cy together and the dialogues are nice. Well written post!

  2. So now we have Aryan who is also an under-cover cop... this story is getting complex. Loving it.

    Arvind Passey

  3. Complexity adds more fun. Thanks Arvind Passey for appreciation


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