Monday 15 September 2014

Old Deeds Come Alive

Team : Maximus Dramaticus

Please read the previous part "I Warned You!" for better clarity.

Jennifer entered a coffee shop; looking as stunning as a star in her favorite leather jacket and navy blue jeans, which made everyone’s eyes turn to have a glimpse of the dusky beauty. She looked for a corner to sit, took out her phone, which was continuously ringing.

“Cy I can’t talk to you now” she muttered and muted it. Ordered a latte Cappuccino then looked around for the one for whom she promised to meet once in Delhi. When she was going through the pictures in her Sony Alpha A58 Digital DSLR camera, a voice disturbed her.

“You, still possess this culprit camera”.
She turned to see, and sighed and replied, “Yes I still do, it’s my hobby and I earn through this”.

"Oh! Beautiful lady, you don’t need to work so hard for money, join me I assure you will earn a year income in a month."

"Cut the crap, and come to the point", Jennifer furiously said.


Cyrus in his study, was unable to link all the clues, he was working on and wished some how Professor postpone the deadline. But he remembered Professor wordings, “cases are lives, that cannot be postponed”. To start afresh he looked for all his files and miffed to find few missing from his drawer.


Roohi excitedly asks her father ,“Papa, mamma will be so happy to see us. I will show her all my drawings and will tell her everything in school…”
Shekhar passed a smile and hid his anxiety from Roohi as he was tensed about Tara and her case involvement with Cyrus.

As the cab stopped, Tara was waiting in the huge dusty balcony, which had not much strength in it; seeing the cab coming she sighed with respite. Seeing her mother on the balcony, Roohi took her hand out to wave at her but hit a nearby vendor, as this lane of Chuna Mandi was quite narrow.

“Roohi keep our hands in”, Shekhar fumed.
"Ok Papa, but can you see Mamma is standing there", Roohi tried to point out to Tara

Shekhar was relieved to see Tara smiling.

Roohi jumped out of the car, smashed the door with a bang, and rushed to hug her mother. Her ponytails dangled as she ran towards Tara.
“Mom I missed you a lot”, she was whispering endearments and repeatedly kissing her mom as she met her after a long time.

“Ohoo! Stop dear let me see you first, my rolly polly baby mama also missed you dear.”
Roohi looked really cute cladded in a pink frill lace frock with her Barbie bag.

“So much you packed for yourself, we are not on a long vacation Roohi.”

“ You know mamma I can’t imagine without myself without all these”. 

Tara hugged Shekhar, and she was relived that her strength of pillar had arrived and she suddenly felt more secure and confident to solve 'The Cyrus case'.


“Your order madam latte Cappuccino”, and placed the glass on the table.

“You will do what I ask you to. I am here just to remind you that you have only few days left to finish your task”, Lallan ordered Jenny in heavy voice.
“You can’t use me this way Lallan”, Jenny retorted.

“Do it or else you will repent for your inaction; before me it will be you can who'll be behind the bars. I think you forgot the past haan!”

A message flickered on Lallan’s mobile and he escaped within no time.

Jennifer in a hush came out feeling low and with tremor in her eyes thinking what to do next. The steering wheel of car gave a judder and stopped. She was about a mile away from the house at Chuna mandi. Her hands and feet felt numb as she walked towards the house. Her camera lay barren hung around her neck, why on earth I ever met a man like him.

Jenny being a professional photographer worked on many different assignments and agencies. That was a great day for Jenny she was selected for a fashion shoot of famous films stars; it was a lavish party after the photo shoot in a famous restaurant bar in east Delhi, The Candle.

Most famous personalities were present in the party. It was in that party Lallan noticed Jenny and was mesmerized by her charming beauty. He introduced himself to Jenny as a fashion photographer.


Roohi started stating all events in house, school and park. She continuously talked to seek Tara’s attention and asked, “Are you listening mamma”, to which Tara smiled “Yes dear”.

“Mamma I broke a glass yesterday, by mistake she added effectively. And attended Darshini’s birthday and wore my favorite party frock.”

"Which? the yellow one. No mom that was my favorite, but now light pink gown is my favorite."

"Ok, so your favorites are also changing, I hope I am still your team member when we play Xbox game."

"Of course! Mamma". 
"And I Received an A+ in card making competition and lost many painting brushes."

To which Tara exclaimed and questioned Roohi about the lost painting brushes, she was about to answer when Shekhar entered the room and asked Roohi “Don’t you want to see hiding locations before we play hide and seek here”.

“Yes dad! I want to .“ Roohi jumped off and ran out.

Shekhar took Tara’s palm and caressed it; Tara took a deep breath and told him about the stuff she found from the locked room.

“You entered the locked room of house”, shouted Shekhar and was about to question her, Cyrus entered the room to greet Shekhar.


“Hey Jenny!! Why didn’t you call me up again? Come on up fast” Cy called out just shrugging off the dust from his hands.

 The gorgeous looking brown eyes wanted to explain something to Cy but couldn’t.

Roohi stumbled upon Jenny, as hurriedly she wanted to hide. Who is she Cy? Is someone there inside?

“Oh !cmon dear we can surely find some  way out. I am not going to back out from it now I am just waiting for the forensic reports to come” said Tara with a squeak of shine in her eyes.

Jenny entered the room with Roohi; she could see Tara and a person whose back was facing Jenny.

“Glad to see you Jenny meet my Husband Shekhar Dutta and my apple of eye Roohi”, Tara introduced Jennifer to Shekhar.

Jenny exclaimed in shock, ”You Dutta, Shekhar Dutta.”

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Illustrations sketched by Arvind Passey 



  1. Great twists Sonal! so with Lallan as Jenny's boyfriend we are heading at a fast pace :)

    1. Yes, the pace was fast from beginning, so just matched it :))

  2. So Lallan is getting bolder... and the story is getting spicier. Loving every bit.

    Arvind Passey

  3. Is lallan and Shekhar the same?

    Omg I so badly want to read the next part to know why she was surprised to meet Shekhar..

    We have made a great team :)

    1. That's the twist, let's wait for Sapna's segment.

  4. Way to go ! :) Loved the way you brought Lallan to the scene and connected jenny to the scam. So what happens next ? ;)

    1. Thank you. The story was so well carved by team, so had to take forward in same manner.

  5. This is getting darker and darker!! Wonder how much more notoriety the story can spiral into!!

  6. Loved your take!
    Mysterious and notorious.
    Yet, when we wind up, we'll surprise our audience pleasantly. :)

    1. Thank you Poonam, yes audience will surely be surprised in the end

    2. The story is taking an interesting turn. With the entry of lallan curiosity has increased.

    3. Thanks for appreciation Usha ji.

  7. This is interesting....It's keeping up the curiosity in readers which is great :)

    1. Yes, Nabanita true mystery always add some interesting element to a story.


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