Saturday 13 September 2014

Musical treat to life

La la la la, Laa la la la…Hmmm..Hmmmm......

Humming a rhythm is so refreshing, singing a song is revitalizing and most of the times done unconsciously; it could be when alone, or in happy state of mind. There is music in every minute thing; the need is to hear it well. You can find music in much stuff around us and I have penned down few lines. There are times when we wish only listen to music with eyes closed and feel all emotions clearly; or at some times dancing to the tunes with heart out.

Finding music in gushing waterfall,
Or in a deep calm nearby pond in all.
Finding melody in chirping of a bird,
Or in a ringing alarm that sounds weird.
There is even a rhythm in child’s cry,
Or in a soothing lullaby you try.
Every musical chord you hit,
Your imagination rouses bit by bit.
When alone music gives a perfect start,
And even soothes an anxious heart.

Music Poem - AuraOfthoughts

When heart and soul are ready to retreat,
You suddenly hear thousands of beats.
Listening to favorite chords is always uplifting,
As if breeze is saying and wind chimes conveying.
In life there is constant need of a right pulse,
Even lyrics don’t matter when too impulse.
Tempo of life should never be lost,
No matter how far you ever cross.
Music in life never fades ever,
Quietly n softly it is there forever.

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  1. Yet another nice piece of writing...loved reading it...:)

  2. Yes, music is everywhere, every moment. Beautifully written profound lines, Meenal. :)

  3. beautiful lines :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  4. Nice flow of thoughts, a lovely read. :)


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