Wednesday 10 September 2014

Darkness - No Barrier

Gaurav got down from bus at a hill station, pulled up his goggles from his collar and looked at watch to realize that there are about 30 minutes for his friends to arrive; looking around he sat down on a bench next to a person who was talking on phone.

The person was describing the places he visited and how the heavenly place had a refreshing impact on him with its natural flora and fauna.

Gaurav overheard him and thought that he can ask the person to assist him and his friends as to which places are best for sight-seeing as their trip was going to wind up in a day.

A lady came to the person and said “Omang come fast our bus is here we need to go back”; Gaurav was awestruck to see, Omang walking with the help of a cane and asking the lady the bus number so they are sure of the bus being boarded.

Gaurav taking off his goggles thought, “ Can I experience what Omang has experienced, though he being visually impaired”.

Darkness-Short story
Darkness no barrier


Lillie McFerrin Writes

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