Tuesday 26 July 2016

Colgate Magical Stories

Imagination and bundles of energy is synonymous to every child. Their world comprises of dreams in tiny eyes with utter simplicity and lots of love. Well a lot of changes take place as we grow up but one thing that has come along with us unaltered is Colgate. It is alive in every house from generations and that's why it understands well.

Aura of thoughts story telling
Characters in Sea & Informative flash cards

To tickle the creative corner of a child it has come up with packs printed with character of under water. The brightly colored printed characters can be cutout easily to weave a magical imaginative story. Story telling is a very creative concept through which a child learns many values. Our great saints used to narrate many stories to their shishya (students) to impart them many different life values, which helped them excel in all walks of life. Colgate recreates narration essence through its magical stories pack.

My kids too love listening to stories. But this time it was their chance. They wove a beautiful story which I would like to share, and don’t be surprised if story begins with words “Once up on a time…” J

Once upon a time there was a pirate named Blackbeard, a little girl, Sadie and their pet parrot. They all are fond of adventures so they sailed across oceans in search of unique things. Sadie had a friend turtle that was the oldest member of the sea who gave them the map to search the hidden treasure. The Barracuda and the killer Whale did not like the pirates and attacked the pirate ship in mid way then it got wrecked. Blackbeard, Sadie and the parrot started drowning and screamed for help. The seahorse and the star fish comes to rescue them make them sit on its back takes them to their king Dolphin. King tells about bad omen, which hovers on the castle & the treasure plus mentioning that only they can help to overcome this situation. All the three promise to help them.

The dolphin gives them a piece of reef on which was carved some magical words and asked them to spell if they see a danger. The talking parrot memorized the phrase and they all set out with the swordfish towards the castle. They crossed the coral reefs and were amazed to see a huge castle in front of them. Precarious Lionfish and Stingray guarded the castle. They recited the magical words that dolphin had told them and in no time all creatures just vanished from there. The swordfish unlocked the castle door. What they see inside was a room full of treasures but upon that was sitting a huge octopus. It changed its colors to escape but as they recited the words again there was a sudden spark and it got converted to beautiful mermaid. She thanked them for rescuing her and gives them loads of treasure.

Many such stories pop up in their mind; now each day is all the fun loving as we have many stories to share with each other taking imaginations to full swing. I am happy to know that my kids have become great storytellers with the joyous expressions and spark in their eyes.

Thank you Colgate for taking us on deep-sea exploration and making story time so fun with fascinating characters plus information with each character helped kids to learn more facts about deep blue sea. If you wish to unlock magical stories of your kids then visit http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc


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