Wednesday 6 July 2016

Grow with Aklavya : Educational Video Game

Apps and Games!!! Yes, this is what is most searched and highly discussed topic among all age groups. With a leap in digitization we find everything on our gadgets just a click away. As no one is left untouched by the changing technology and so is our learning techniques. 
Meet Aklavya

It is well said by Benjamin Franklin that, "When you're finished changing, you're finished". Besides it is important to walk hand in hand with the ever-changing technology.

But, if the change is not smooth enough it always remain a matter of worry for our prior generation. Our parents always worry about how these gadgets are going to impart the know-how of life among the kids. So it’s parents and peer responsibility to channelize gadget time in healthier way by choosing right kind of games in application section. An appropriate choice in games sections mark a drastic impact on kids and teenagers as every activity is registered in sub-conscious mind; so always have a insightful choice. And if one thinks can these gadgets compete our mighty paperback. 

Well! Of course yes. A video game Aklavya has all this potential. It not only propels positivity but also teaches the child many life lessons. The journey of Aklavya, a nine-year-old boy along with his friend Suchitra and Rana, his flying horse Ghodu, and Betal are very realistic and are easy to relate. The game helps maintaining the right balance of learning and fun. Utmost care is taken to impart vast knowledge to kids in a playful way. This game is loosely based on a very popular fable Vikram and Betal. Each phase put forth a set of interesting questions before us that is a good mind exercise in a fulfilled way. is taking a leap forward by improvising and redefining to make learning all the more fun loving. More ever it's free educational video game, so go ahead and take a look on your own.

So, why not we too let our kids grow all the more with Aklavya, visit

About & Team:

Aklavya is an educational video game for kids, which is an endeavor towards the future of game-based education. With the strive for engaging students in the process of learning and the efforts of coming up with more creative ways to teach kids, Aklavya is a video game that intends to not impart knowledge among kids but also to keep them voluntarily involved and interested in learning by rewarding them with the feeling of pleasure they feel upon gaining new insights. Aklavya is the virtual reality of most of our childhood imaginations.

Vivek Chakraverty said that they intend to fine-tune the graphics of the game to make it more high definition and to bring in other realistic 3D elements into the game. They also aim to add a twist through space-time travel and adventure amongst many other interesting game play tweaks. These interesting new additions are already in process of making and will soon be implemented into the game, to make Aklavya’s journey more interesting.


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