Saturday 16 July 2016

Nostalgic Monsoon #MonsoonDiaries

Monsoon brings in many emotions along and one of them is feeling nostalgic about it while travelling down memory lane. The sky showers moments that give us bundle of energy being cheerful during Monsoon. The poetry today shared is the series of Haiku, where Haiku is 3 line poetry with syllable count 5-7-5.

Radiant lightning
Thunderous dark cloudy sky
Memories creep with onset

Reflective moments
Childhood magic reliving
Instills in freshness

Splashing in puddles
Those colorful paper boats
Hopping behind frogs

The might monsoon
Holds exceptional corner
Suffuse cheerfulness

Day #7 - Write tribe festival of words, and we have N of Monsoon  as Nostalgia with series of Haiku.  
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