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What is the special significance of color RED on Christmas

With Christmas chimes already ringing high, the environment is filled with enthusiasm and oneness. Sparkling rows of red and green lights indicate the festival's onset. Everywhere we find various things in stores in shades of red, be it clothing range, home decor articles, or even edible items that wear the Christmas colors. We often have an implication, or to put it more correctly, we associate each tangible and intangible thing with different colors. For example, when we talk about love, compassion color red flashes in our mind, or red strawberries look so tempting. The color red also symbolizes the color of Christmas eve. Apart from red, the colors related to Christmas are gold, blue, green, and white.

What is the reason that we relate everything to colors.

Colors are the fastest way to remember things as they control our conscious and subconscious minds. We are subconsciously associated with colors as we are surrounded by colorful nature. The blue sky, green leaves, and beautiful colors of a butterfly. Colors indicate different emotions and signify traditions and characteristics. Colors control how we think and act, as our mind is trained in that manner. 

When we know the importance of colors, let's seek the answer to the question as to why Christmas colors are always red and green and what these Xmas colors on the palette signify?

The association of colors varies widely based on the culture and history of a particular place. The color combinations dated back to ancient times and were closely matched with shades of nature. 

Historical significance of Christmas colors:

Centuries ago, it became a practice of commemorating different colors with different holidays like

Spring & Easter: Pastel shades

Valentine's Day: Pink & Red

St. Patrick's Day: Green

Autumn festivities: orange and black

How the use of red and green started for Christmas?

According to a belief of ancient European culture, the bright red and green colored holly plant was considered sacred and a symbol of fertility and eternal life. When all the other plants wilted in winter, the foliage of evergreen holly remained lush green, loaded with bright red berries. The earth looked beautiful and full of life during harsh winters when everything seemed dull and white with snow. So, they welcomed the winter solstice by decorating their homes with holly plants, believing they bring good health and good luck in the coming year. This centuries-old practice was one of the reasons for the use of red and green for Christmas. 

Christmas holly plant symbolize Jesus
Holly plant

According to another belief, the holly plant is symbolic of Jesus Christ. The red berries represent the blood Jesus shed on the day of crucifixion, while the pointed green leaves symbolize the crown of thorns encircling the head of Jesus Christ before he died on the cross. 

Why our mighty Santa adorns the red attire?

A long time ago, Santa still needed a specific rendition until Haddon Sundblom designed one for the Coca-Cola magazine ads in 1931. Sundblom, an American artist, was hired by coca cola to design Santa for their magazine ads. He gave Santa the jolly look, bearded face, wearing a red-colored outfit bordered with thick white fur, standing amidst the green trees. Sundblom used the color red to match the red coca cola logo. His ads were appreciated the most, and people instantly connected with his imagination of Santa. Till Date, we love to see our Santa in bright red robes distributing gifts and presents to all.

What do other Christmas colors signify?

Apart from red and green, the next in line of the Christmas color palette sits gold, blue, and white. They all symbolize the happy holiday season time of the year. They also hold religious significance; gold represents the gift from the biblical Magi, blue instantly connects us with the blue robes adorned by Mother Mary as a symbol of wealth, and white is revered as the purity of Jesus and peace.

So now we know why our Christmas decorations combine red and green.

Let the magic of Christmas colors spread its positive aura everywhere and bless us all with love, prosperity, good health, and peacefulness.

We wish u all Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

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