Monday 16 May 2022

Book Review : The Devil's Whispers by Lucas Hault

When one step towards mystery leads to another ,you are entering a world where any turn could be devilish or a step away from humanity.

Book Title & Book Cover:

The Devils Whispers by Lucas Hault will take you on a journey that is different, unseen and heart wrenching. The cover has a castle on a dark night day with eyes piercing from behind. The cover creates a mystic effect.

Plot Gerard Woodward visits the castle to meet Mr Mathers to process his will. But soon finds that he is locked up in the room and when tries to create a channel of freedom he starts feeling feeble besides missing his beloved Raleyn . Soon the unseen forces make things worse and things turn upside down. How Gerard escape route gives him more trouble to him and his loved one keeps readers at the nick of chair. Besides one mystery unfolds to find another one, each thread getting tangled in the story to make it complex as we move further.

Hit pointers of the book:

The journal style writing made a connection with me where the reader gets the point of view of many characters with time stamps. 

The story makes you wonder what you would have done in such situations, that’s how the strong connection you make with characters, be it main character Gerard or later in story Father Malcomm.

The entire craft of the story is focused and nowhere in the entire book you feel to keep the book down if you are a first time gothic reader like me.

The string between the chapters is knitted well and step by step the reader enters into the world that is hellish . Each character adds value to the story and the beauty of each characterisation is that each one of them justifies their role. No character felt like an extra piece on the storyboard.

Miss Pointers :

At a few places the journal writing is like a dialogue writing and not one person perspective. 

Sometimes when belief and reality shakes, you tend to question the reality. But the fact is the unknown world makes mysterious changes. 

If you have read ghostly classics or castle related books like The Secret Garden the descriptions of the corridors and unopened doors seems repetitive at times.

I was hooked to the book till the end, though it took a little longer to finish than usual as reading and processing the ghostly things at times made me scared.

Final Word : 

If you are a gothic book lover that likes how old classic writing gels with readers then this book is for you. The plot will keep you engaged and the journal entries and turn out to be chapter headings make things clear air of any confusion. With a bundle of characters in the book, be ready with a clear mind to pick this book.

About the Author:

Faisal Johar, who writes under his pen name Lucas Hault is an Indian Novelist residing in Ranchi. He received his formal education from St. Anthony’s School, completed his intermediate from St. Xavier's College and graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia in the year 2017. His first novel named The Shadow of Death — The Conquering Darkness was self-published in the year 2018 under Prowess Publishing. Faisal is also a screenwriter and has written a couple of short horror films for YouTube. He considers J.K. Rowling as 2nd role model and aspires to walk in her path of punctuality. Another of his books titled, The Malign : A Collection of 12 Short Stories was published in June 2021. 

Book Details:

Book Name The Devil's Whispers

Author Lucas Hault 

Publisher TCK Publishers

Format & Pages Ebook 238

Availability  : Amazon

Rating : 3.9/5

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  1. Journal style writing - wow. I am sure it must have made this subject little easy to digest with this style of writing. I would like to explore it. Never read a book with Journal style writing.

  2. I had not read any book based on Journal style writing but your explanation has made me curious to read this style writing. would love to give this a try. thanks dear for sharing your honest review with us.

  3. I dont know why but I keep totally away from gothic books or movies. Maybe because I live alone. Your review makes the book sound worthy of reading so lets see if I end up reading it or not.

  4. This sounds to be an interesting read. I will add this to my tbr and review it too. I love reading horror genre and this sounds good

  5. I love mystery novels, especially the ones set in historical times. This one seems totally amazing! Thanks for the detailed review - I'll check it out.

  6. I have never came across this book.i am surely going to add this to my collection and read it as soon as I can.he seems to be an inspiring have created a curiosity in me to know more about him as he is very young and published his work i am waiting to get it .


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