Monday 30 April 2018


Zip it! Zip it well!
No leakage from Zip lock pouch is guaranteed.

Yes this is so true and many of us have witnessed the perfection of Ziplock pouches.

In our last part of #ParentingIntangibleWonder series, we are going to discuss about how to make the bond stronger than ever by eliminating external factors.

Yes, Zip lock your relationships with trust, love and care that no external factors or person can ever dare to intrude your space. Parenting is not few hours job it is forever. To have a bond with your children that is stronger, a bond that is healthier, a bond that is complete; one need to ensure that you don’t welcome any negative emotions, or any outsiders talks.

As a little hole in the zip lock spoils the food inside it, in a similar manner a miniature doubt or disbelief can ruin the relationship.

Aura of thoughts - Parenting Tips by MeenalSonal

In any scenario, talk to your children first; get to know their perspective and then talk to others about theirs. Talking to your child first and listening to child’s point of view; a parent gets the complete preview of situation and is at better position to solve any issue. Making the connection deeper gives space for no individual that can lure your child with any sort of goodie in exchange of his or her innocence.

So trust your child and build your relationship in such a manner that no external factor can ever enter your bond.

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