Tuesday 10 April 2018


Aman, I have renewed the car insurance.
Great Anju, I am done with our joint policy and
Mamma, where is my bat. My bat my bat….Rakshit kept singing the song my bat unless Anju found his bat from his shelf.

Anju, you mentioned your cousin visit to city, when was it?
It’s next month second week Aman!

Okay, so lets plan outing on long weekend…
Papa, why don’t you ball and I bat.
Yes Rakshit, first let me finish…
Papa, please come come…..

Aman couldn’t book the tickets neither was able to complete his sentence and Anju’s look made it clear that unless they listened to Rakshit, he will keep on interrupting in conversations.

This kind of scenario is common in family, where children interrupt in daily or important conversations. Our ninth parenting topic is Interruption, and reasons behind it.

Parents talk and immediately child interrupts from no where and the whole flow of conversation fazes away. Question is how to deal with such situations.

Firstly, make kids understand that these are elderly conversations and their participation is not required. Doing so you are ensuring their views are not needed and they may do something more important be it art & craft, playing with siblings or building blocks.

Secondly, make them understand that for any reason they need to ask or inform you in middle of conversation, use the word excuse me and wait till they count 1 to 10. Yes I say 10 because kids are smarter and count in the speed of bullet train.

Thirdly, involve your kids in loop of conversation if required, ask them their views before hand and later you take your decisions. For example parents can ask them holiday place either beach/hills, then plan your holiday according to their choice.
In this manner both are on happy note.

There is also other side of interruptions, but that we will look in coming posts in this month.

Sharing this post with AtoZ Challenge 2018,  Day 9 - Letter I - I for Iterruption.

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  1. I think you have a very good point with the 'loops of conversation' thing - ensure the conversation reaches a conclusion. That can also be by enforced time together away from the tv and social media (a dinner table ideally)


    1. Yes Roshan every conversation should end with a definite conclusion...and that is two way I mean it applies to parents also to not interrupt a child when they want to express something. Dinner time is probably the best idea.

  2. Oh! Interruption and parenting go hand in hand. Its hard to make them understand but good tips to tackle this situation.

    1. Yes Deepa kids do take some time to learn but with patience parents can teach them values.

  3. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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