Saturday 14 April 2018

Monotonous Tasks

In this post lets deal with the need of completion of monotonous tasks. There are many chores in a day that are monotonous but needs to be completed with commitment.    Children tend to avoid tasks such as arranging bookshelf,
keeping clothes in their wardrobe, washing hands before anything you eat and many kids even delay to attend nature calls.      
A child doesn’t feel enthusiastic to complete these tasks, parents push their child to finish the tasks and as a result stubbornness fills into kids. But making little changes can make these habits thrilling. There are ways to tackle completion of these repetitive tasks with a twist.  

Children below 6 years can surely be encouraged to attend nature calls and arrange their bookshelf by giving them motivators after conclusion of each task. Motivator can be as simple as star on their chart or playing their favorite game after the tasks.


One more trick can be to play child’s favourite music when they arrange the books or pack their bag; they can dance to the rhythm and finish boring tasks while listening to the tapping numbers.
Like young kids can be given different colored hand wash with different aroma, with different shapes of bottles. One can artistically decorate the bottle using stickers of their favorite cartoon character. Once they grow up it gets into their habit and they never miss anything.
Children are better performers if proper reasoning is given to them behind each work they do. One can explain that if child keeps their clothes tidily, then they can spot their favorite color clothes on any day. Books arranged properly can give them more space for new books to be added on next occasion.

So here are few ways for climbing a step in completion of monotonous tasks. 

What are the ways you make your child complete these tasks? Do post your views in comment section below.

Sharing this post with AtoZ Challenge 2018,  Day 13 - Letter M - M for Monotonous.

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  1. Good suggestions for training the kids to do the monotonous tasks, which very often they enjoy at a young age! Next in the #atoz challege: M is for Music and how it can improve your life and your mind.

    1. Yes Shirley, little changes and kids enjoy the tasks, I have witnessed the results.

  2. For teeth brushing we find having a "Brushing Challenge" works wonders to ensure our child brushes and for long enough. It's simpl, too, as long as you both can be in the bathroom as you simply challenge the participant to be the longest brusher and then brush for as long as you can! Works every time.

    If only the challenge would work for room cleaning!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful

    1. Sarah, your challenge tip is great. Yes kids love little milestones a lot, so losing to them while winning a bigger battle is a win -win deal for both.

  3. Its not just kids but me too who hates these mundane tasks and yes I end up putitng on the music to keep me company when I do some of them :-)

    N is for Night Circus #atozchallenge

    1. Yes Shalini, even we as adults hate few tasks, but our mind navigates us to complete the. Good to know that music is giving you a good company :)


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