Friday 27 April 2018

X Box : Variety in Life

The third last post from our series #ParentingIntangiblewonder essays all about newness in life. 

As X box have multiple options to entertain us we should also encourage our children to always experiment various things in life. This newness maintains freshness among all providing a lot of experience too. Each time this charm of freshness can be   maintained if we look through our child’s point of view. 

As generations are changing and their living style we as parents need to gel along with our children learn their new ideas and novice theories.

AuraOfthoughts - Tips for parent by MeenalSonal
A hi-five is also good at times or a few gestures in their slang to make them feel closer.
Inculcating the habit of trying new things removes fear from the mindset and they are drawn towards seeking various tactics to do a particular task. As child adds a fresh sprinkle over a passive life so we as parents should learn this art of life from the kids and see how the things transform beautifully.

Which are the ways you have adapted from your children? What are the signature steps you do it together? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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