Monday 9 April 2018

Homework Tips

Our eight parenting lesson is on Homework. Many parents get blues by listening to this word as for few of them this is the toughest task in home and kind of moving a mountain by inch. If you are thinking all parents with the children below average struggle with these issues, then you are wrong. 

Even a bright and intelligent student may run away with homework sessions. Though its the toughest task, requires lot of patience, which in turn requires to analyze the abilities of your child, developing and maintaining interest in same.


Homework is the word with which every child develops an escaping attitude, as they feel bounded or may be least interested in. But it's tough time for parents who deal with their kids. It's the time of real patience testing of the parents. The furor needs to be controlled by following some simple steps:    

Sticky time: Choose a time slot and try to stick to the schedule.
Gadgets out of reach: Try to keep away with your mobile
Together Time: When you are with your child for the home work
Airy bright: The place you choose for the homework should be properly lighted, possibly near a window for the natural light.
My chores firstSee to it that you complete your other chores before time so that you may not hush hush the child with homework.
Tame the tummy: Yes it's applicable for both the child and the well to start well.

These are my ways to complete homework sessions with my children, do share your in comments section below.

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  1. Great tips for both parents and children to complete the homework without any hassles. Agree, with focused approach and no distractions, home work can be completed easily, quickly and without any tears from wither side.
    Shilpa Garg #AtoZChallenge

    1. Very true Shilpa home work time is the best time to bond if taken seriously.

  2. Novemberschild9 April 2018 at 16:49

    Homework is one of the biggest causes of friction between parents and children. Nobody really wants to take their work home with them, so perhaps it's not surprising that children are not exactly keen to get on with it.The more positive you can be about homework in general the better. Praise your children when they have completed the work they have to do. A little encouragement can go a long way.

    1. Well said, appreciating the kids can do wonders.

  3. Very useful tips. I agree homework brings an escapist attitude in them. Thanks for posting this article.

    1. Yes Sudha the word home-work is itself very burdensome for children :)) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is something I don't think much about anymore. When my kids were in school it seemed like they had way more homework than I ever had. But maybe it was all perspective.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Very true Arlee its the parents rather the kids who put them in their mind that home-work is a burden.

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