Saturday 28 April 2018

Yatter Chatter

Have you ever been to fantasyland where everything is present according to your wish? If you have not been there, at least you have imagined one in your childhood. Yes we are going to talk about little silly yet magical moments of our childhood in this second last part of series #ParentingIntangibleWonder.

Talking to your children about chocolate cloud or any other fantasy makes them at ease and they tell you each detail of their imaginary world. Yes sometimes it is completely okay to indulge in trivial conversations with your child.

It is not necessary that every time you talk about realistic approach with your child. Loosening in talks will make your bonds stronger. Even kids enjoy this yatter chatter time, where they can express themselves without hesitation and get to know parents imagination too.

Kids will be happy to know that their parents re no robots or perfectionist that don’t commit mistakes. Talk to them about your mischiefs in childhood and its consequences and the reason, the age you indulged in it. Kids are not judgmental and will be happy to know their parents well.

Utilize this yatter chatter time to connect to your child in their fantasy land too and step closer to their hearts in reality.

Did you ever talked about your silly fantasies with your children? Howa was the experience talking to them? Share your thoughts in comments section below.

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  1. Yatter Chatter is an intersting word Sonal- loved the thought of a chocolate cloud; I wonder if I can eat it too ;-)

    Y is for Yarn Chopper #atozchallenge

    1. Thanks Shalini, your comments are so encouraging :)


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