Sunday, 1 April 2018

Appreciation & Its Magic

Parenting starts with this little gesture, yes ‘Appreciation’ which makes a child stands out with confidence.

Saying good words and sharing them with everyone is a good habit, which parents can instill in a child. The tender heart lits up when we tell them that they have done something great. It’s not necessary to gift a child expensive items but a pat with a smiling face can do wonders.


Instead of telling a child what he or she cannot do, one can tell them the way to improve by giving them some clues to improvise. Make a habit to acknowledge each other at home though it may be not so extraordinary but this enables a Child to develop the quality of appreciating others and not feeling depressed even if one of their friends is praised.

But we all know excess of anything harness the growth of a child and the same holds good here too. Its good to reward them every now and then but see to it you are doing it for a right thing and at the appropriate time.

Make the most of this intangible gesture by converting them into tangible actions.

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  1. So true. Wise words to kick off A to Z...
    JQ Rose

    1. Thank you for appreciating...after all it keeps all going :)

  2. I completely agree. It only helps to appreciate someone's hard work. And children who know they are valued will only grow up to be adults who learn to appreciate and value others.

    1. Yes Nikita, appreciation is very important aspect.....keep Visiting!

  3. Nice start to A-Z! Good luck for the rest of the challenge!

    2018: A-Z


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