Wednesday 4 April 2018


We all are very familiar with our home doorbell, in fact in a miniscule of second when we are about to reach to open the door we play a guessing game as to who might be up this time and for what purpose. 

Now this is not the only doorbell that we as a parents is to look for or need to be attentive to; we also need to pay attention to our child’s heart doorbell which will lead you in. Yes exactly this is what every parent needs to do. Keep connecting with your child so often that doorbell sound seems familiar and there is no hesitation to ring the bell.

AuraOfThoughts - MeenalSonal - Ring Doorbell

Keep ringing your child’s doorbell in to stay connected with your child, to know what they want, to know their dreams, to guide them, to know their apprehensions, to understand their perspective.

Parent and child need to be so well connected that each other may convey their viewpoint freely without being pre judged.

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  1. Nicely written :) The entry to their heart, dreams and thoughts!

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