Tuesday 17 April 2018

Own Your Battles

Battles! Yes to be more precise innocent battles among kids for batting first in cricket game, or who is going to chase in a game or as simple as who will sit on window seat in school bus is the most common scenario everywhere.

In this 15th parenting themed post lets look at the ways to conquer these kinds of battles among kids. Every time your child comes to you complaining about a friend or playing mate in a park/school,
you need not wear a protective gear attitude and walk towards to question the other child instead assess things first. 

kids always have a protective cover if the elders are around but there are many situations where the child is away from home like during school hours, this is the time when a child needs to be trained to tackle the situations.  

Lets see the action plan if your child complains about someone:

You should first patiently listen to your child and then you can ask questions to know the seriousness of an issue.

If the matter is futile, then ask your child to leave the matter there itself and divert them into other talks.

If you think the situation needs attention, ask your child to raise a voice and stand for his/her rights. 
For example if some other child snatches your child's belongings or annoys, first send child to return their things and if the other child resists to give; you intervene by softly explaining that it belongs to you. 

Simple things little innocent fights trigger for as small as a piece of paper,  let the kids settle the issue among themselves but keep an eye the argument don't get worse. 

If the situation needs your immediate action, then address it and talk to the respective parents. 

Else let child fight for their toys and for their turn for the swing, after all its the part o their overall development. Yes, kids need to learn settle things on their own , or else they will depend on you for lifetime and never speak for their rights.

What you do in such situations, do share with us your thoughts in comments section below.

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