Thursday, 12 April 2018

Kick Start Mornings

Lets walk towards our eleventh parenting topic, hurdle of waking up our kids in morning to get ready and off to school in time.  So many things need to be completed on time probably I should say in time.

Getting out of bed is what kids usually don’t like especially on a cozy winter day. A few kids are early risers and so are easy to handle but lets talk about the kids who just ignores wake up calls and feel reluctant to step out of the bed.

There may be many factors,
which influence their behavior it may be their inability to sleep early, have pushed their limits while completing the activities, which develops restlessness.

A good start can surely overshadow all lethargy be it in mind or body. Mornings can be made enjoyable by a peaceful wake up regime. So lets see how these morning blues can be avoided by following just simple techniques.

Parenting Tips by MeenalSonal

Slow Start: Wakeup the kids by taping slowly on their hands, never use a loud tone.

Keep some time handy: Give time for a child in bed after waking up don’t expect them to stand and start as a robot as soon as they are awake, even we adults can’t do it though we know a day has started.

Task & Motivator: Lazy walk is normal, don’t rush your child to complete the chores, divide time slots for each task. And give a motivator after each task, like a pat after milk, hug after bath; these gestures make child feel loved and at same time feel energized for upcoming activities in school.      

Pack & Sleep: Make a habit to pack things like school bag, uniforms, badges, dry snack box at night so that all are at peace; as in morning hullabaloo can miss few important things.

Mornings mold one’s complete day, so be sure to have a good start for great finish.

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  1. Great tips! Yes as a kid I hated when I was woken with a harsh tone and expected to just stand up and start walking. I try my best not to do the same with my son ��

    1. Ryan, you do it right. We learn from our experiences and parenting is a never ending learning process.

  2. This is why I avoid alarm clocks whenever possible. Instead I open a curtain prior to falling asleep and let the sunlight wake me. If I need to rise early, I use an alarm on my fitness tracker. It vibrates my wrist to wake me.

    1. Heather, these are great tips. I shall try opening curtains and sleep, to wakeup with sunlight.


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