Thursday 3 May 2018

Reflections - #AtoZChallenge 2018

April is a month in blogosphere to show your best in strict time. Yes 26 posts 30 days, and hundreds of blog to read, comment share.  This all looks so chaotic from one end but actually make one routine to write regularly. Yes daily writing is what makes this challenge special and hectic at same time.

We participated last year too in this challenge with theme relationships, and quite loved the feedback from the blogging community and readers. Read all our posts of AtoZ Challenge 2017 here.

This year we took another subject close to our heart, “Parenting"  and written various perspectives of raising a healthy kid in positive environment under theme #ParentingIntangibleWonder. Most popular posts were Interruption & Homework Tips . You can view all our post of this year AtoZChallenge here.


We scheduled the titles of the each letter in March, but the body for many took shape in April itself. Images were done impromptu and all thanks to YourQuote App that took all the worries to create the image.

We saw many dropouts from the blogosphere, but that didn’t make us to step back from daily blogging. In any challenge what one needs is motivation, and Blogchatter completed that space for us. Weekly mailers and constant patting made us go till end of this challenge. 

Daily linkies at AtoZChallenge in a google form and the list of participants in excel sheet made things much easier to navigate and reach the blogs.

Sundays were like real holiday as we had rest day but at same time this was the day to catch up with reading, sharing and replying to comments.

In all these chaos when we turn back and look at our posting schedule, we are surprised to see that we have done it again. AtoZ Challenge definitely leaves you with a smile and bunch of experience and numerous stories with each alphabet.


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  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Your wisdom has helped new parents make better decisions.


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