Wednesday 25 December 2013

Precious Gift

Festivals fill a lot of fervor in one and all isn't it.

Christmas is around and everywhere it is party and celebration time .Most importantly a break from the regular hectic schedules where we hardly find time for each other. Those who are living away from their families ,this is the only time when one want to rush back to our loved ones and make the most of our life.

Home coming fills our heart with lot of happiness which could be easily reflected through our eyes. The cheerful faces fills us with lot of energy and shows how much we love and care .Everyone would like to cherish these moments in life and with those memories we can happily spent the rest of our lives.

Really festivals are very good way to let people forget their past differences and bind everyone. They are magical.

Everyone is preoccupied with lots of preparations to make the moment indelible. Elders are busy with the preparations for the Christmas party ,decorating their house and preparing different delicacies. I always wait for the whole year for those mouth watering yummy delicacies which makes the festival more special.

Exchanging gifts or souvenirs is one of the important part of Christmas celebrations. Of course the younger lot of the house excitedly wait for the gifts they are going to receive.

Every one want to gift something which is unique and useful. Gifts should be chosen according to the occasion and keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the person you want to give to

We receive lot of presents from our near and dear ones as a token of love and care. Gifts are nothing but blessings and good wishes from our loved ones, it doesn’t matter how much costly it is but what matters most is that they make us feel special.

The value of gift is not its monetary value but the affection and care with which it is chosen for us.They are priceless..
Most of the times we forget the endearment accompanied with it and start comparing them. Sometimes costly gifts also become unimportant if they are not of much use.

Precious are those gifts which are given with a pure heart. It accompany with them a lot of sentiments and memories which we cherish the most.

Next time when you receive a gift feel the warmth ,understand its true value and retain it in a treasure called heart.

Wish u Merry Christmas and a delightful year ahead.

@Meenal Mathur

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  1. You said very well that in festivals only we celebrate with our family...we come close to our family who r living apart...I must thanks to our culture that by this we r still together....and u have choosen such a nice topic also...keep it up...


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