Friday, 8 February 2019

How Parenting can make #AGenerationWithoutGenderBias

Raising children without being judgmental about their behavioral traits and more over on their gender is a huge change a parent can make to this society where by giving equal space for their son’s and daughter’s. We have joined in this campaign #agenerationwithoutgenderbias to voice our words over this issue hoping to imbibe change of thinking and mindset towards the concerns of gender bias.

You agree or not we are living in society where we hear a lot about gender bias and gender equality. We are not making girls superior or boys superior in this gender bias campaign what we are voicing is the equality that needs to be showered and the considerations one need to give to a human irrespective of gender.

Now the question comes is how can we have a society that is free of such pre mindsets over genders.

Firstly we need to come out such pre-notions and think without being judgmental over gender.

Secondly raise your children in such a way where we don’t pass Genetic Judgments, which we also stressed in our #PareingIntangibleWonder series. 
Let us see few statements we heard atleast once in our lifetime.

Don’t cry like girls.  - Almost every house has heard it

Why you keep a shy face like a girl. - This is again the most common statement every introvert boy must have heard.

Sit properly, why you sit in such manner. – This statement has varied versions to it for girls.

Don’t rush like a boy walk slowly. – All girls should walk slowly even if house is on fire.

Parents need to be cautious while correcting and guiding their child. It is not wrong if your son is introvert boy and your daughter hyper active. There are ways to correct them.

Parents also take covers for their children and correct them under these gender notions. Children who are raised with these gender notions also tend to think in a similar manner and find difficult to accept changes in future years.
Correct children as a person first. Lets remake above sentences while considering child’s behavior in priority.

Don’t cry like girls.
Don’t cry, lets discuss what is bothering you.

Why you keep a shy face like a girl.
You can say hello if someone known says hello to you.

Sit properly, why you sit in such manner.
We need to sit with proper posture and in a manner that is courteous.

Don’t rush like a boy, walk slowly.
Let us not hurry each time, give plenty of time to breathe in.

Just a little rephrasing of words can make a lot of difference in upbringing of child. Let our kids be raised, as a great human being first without being gender biased. Be cautious in what you speak as it may help build better mindset of kids.

So, we all can share a bit in having a place that we are represented as a person first and live in a place that is free from any preset notions or judgmental statements and have #agenerationwithouthgenderbias.

You can also look at flash fiction written for this on our Instagram handle, here
Do you think Parenting can help to have place without gender bias?
Can we make an effort to do so?
Share your views with us in the comments section below.



  1. Spot on post, need of the hour to upbringing our kids equally.

  2. Such perfectly written post. Equal upbringing and teaching the value of gender equality is must

  3. A beautiful post, I can relate to. Dont cry like a girl is something so common used as a phrase. Need to have more gender equality while raising kids.

  4. Great post ... Bringing our kids equally is really very important

  5. Gender equality is necessary in every turn of life... Great article

  6. I loved reading your post,as parents it's our responsibility to treat everyone equally.

  7. Being a mother of two I can very well relate to this post.

  8. I am so glad you wrote this. Raising children equally would create a better future generation and a better environment for the country. Lovely read.

  9. I completely agree with you. Parents and the school equally must ensure that children grow up enlightened and open-minded.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  10. Some timely advice you've given us all, Meenal. Everyone should read this post, be it of any generation.

  11. That's such a happy read , I had a discussion with a mom last year and then I too wrote a post on gender neutral parenting. I love making my son wear all pinks:)

  12. A mere change in tone and choice of words can change the effect our parenting techniques can have on kids. Gender bias needs to be curbed at home front itself.

  13. Very true! We unknowingly end up creating biases in the young minds.

  14. Such a beautiful and deep post it was, loved it completely, probably few points that a lot of parents need to understand, for comparatively better tomorrow!

  15. Some very good insights into parenting.Why promote gender stereotypes when we can live happily otherwise.


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