Thursday, 31 January 2019

Book Review: Time Stops at Shamli by Ruskin Bond

Book: “Time Stops At Shamli” by Ruskin Bond
Book Cover: The book cover looks like a fresh painting with colours just drying and the single swing tells many stories.

Book & Its Contents:
This is my first book of Ruskin Bond, yes to my memory from the time I started with reading challenges last year, this is the first book of the famous author Ruskin Bond.

I must say he is real star and true Bond character for me, as Ruskin Bond has the power to transverse you to a place you have never been and still you feel like you are there for ages.

“Time Stops at Shamli” is wonderful collection of short stories where each story takes to place you never want to leave.

If you love short fiction stories, then this book is for you.

My heart beats:
There are 21 short stories in the book and each titled in a unique way. Title is completely justified to the book.

My favorite story is third story of the book  ‘Time Stops st Shamli’ where author describes the each minute detail of the place in such a meticulous manner that you feel you have been to Shamli numerous times.

And the story which I take it with me for longer time is “A Tiger in the House”, which is brilliantly essayed and each emotion is carried in words so beautifully.

I like the way Ruskin Bond artistically narrates the entire scene, that each character is imprinted in heart for longer time.

Last Word
If you want to be engrossed in a world of wonderful stories, then surely pick this book. Each story will leave you ponder upon the life, relationships and priorities in life.
I would recommend this book to all those you love short stories.

This book review is a part of Write Tribe Reading Challenge, which has 24 books to be read with various prompts. This is my review for month of January, and the prompt which equals is book title with 4 words – ‘Time Stops at Shamli”.



  1. I havent read any of his books but have seen 7 Khoon Maaf which is based on one of his Novels"Susanna's seven husband's". Also I read that despite of his lonely childhood, one can find an optimistic outlook to life in his writing.

    Thanks for this review. This might be my first read of Ruskin Bond's books.:-)

    1. Alpana, once you read his books I am sure you will fall in love with them they are so mesmerising.

  2. Ruskin Bond is my all time favourite. I have read his stories since I was in school

    1. Even I have ordered few books for my daughter.

  3. I love reading Ruskin Bond. Thanks for this review. I will definitely add this book to my TBR.

  4. I just love Ruskin Bond's work, his stories are always worth reading, loved the review, will definitely give this book a read.

  5. I've read a lot of Ruskin Bond's works as a child. His style of writing is so light and easy to read. Definitely going to check this book out soon.

  6. Recently one of my friends also recommended this book to me and now after reading your review, finally I have added it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. He is such an amazin author. This is on my to be read list

  8. I love the way Ruskin bond writes and describes the whole plot .Though I haven't read his book for some time will definitely check this one out.


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