Tuesday, 22 January 2019

My views for Mother Sparsh new launch of #SensitiveBabyWipes

A baby product sometimes needs some customization keeping in mind the sensitivity and weather conditions. With this in mind Mother Sparsh always strives for healthier baby as they have launched their all new brand of wet wipes. These baby wipes are 99% water based and are thick enough to use them easily. My priority for water wipes also    increases in winters as for every little mess kids make we cannot    ask them to wash their hands instead a handy Mother Sparsh wet wipe has an ability to just blow away all the germs from the little curious hands. It’s equivalent to washing hands with water.

This Mother Sparsh pure wet wipe was launched in October 2018 and after using it for weeks, I have come up with few important pointers for parents to consider upon.

Thinking what’s new in this pure water wet wipes, and then let me tell you each aspect categorically.

Sensitive Skin: We all are well attentive towards baby skin and it’s sensitivity. This product is so gentle and extra smooth that your child will also feel its softness when used as the wipes are made of medical grade cloth which is made of plant fabric and gives ultimate cleaning to baby skin with no skin problems. Moreover wipes are so good that it can be even use on the infant skin. Or I should say your child skin will be pampered when parents used this baby wipes.

Fragrance: Fragrance is what I look in baby products. I don’t want my baby to get irritated by the strong smell of sanitizers nor the rose or aloe-vera.  Mothers do wish for pure and organic products and Mother Sparsh has made these wet wipes organic yet unscented. So your baby's fragrance is not suppressed with the product.

Thick Baby wipes: Mother Sparsh wet wipes are just perfectly thick or the truth is that the wipes are 3 times thicker than ordinary wipes available in the market which makes them more handy to use and are not easily torn. This reduces the wear and tear thus easing out its use to the fullest. The fluffiness and the moisture remain intact till the end as these wipes are three times thicker and made of medical grade cloth.

Lock seal packing: With moisture lock Lid packing, parents can be assured that you can use the last wet wipe with the same affect as you used the first one. The lock seal makes the moisture lock it properly thus retaining their water content.  This lock seal makes parents more relaxed as they can be assured to use the wet wipes for longer duration and need not hurry to finish the pack in fear of losing moisture.
Economical: With range of baby products and many more things that are added every month in the budget these Mother Sparsh water wipes comes quite economical. INR 299 for 72 wipes, comes at best price as it is the best-wet wipes made from organic ingredients and with lock seal, unscented features.

Biodegradable: Another Good point of this water wipes is that they are totally environment friendly. Eco friendly in the terms like the manufacturing of the wipes are done like that the wipes are easily decomposable in nature. It doesn’t cause any harm to the environment as they are 100% biodegradable.

Baby product review- Aura Of Thoughts
My Pack is ready to use!
Mother Sparsh offers its best by coming up with such a superior quality product packed with features that almost every mom look into before using any product for their little ones. So why not order one today and feel the difference. You can place your order from any of the leading shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry etc. and give your child unscented, thicker and gentle baby water wipes that touches their smooth skin and leaves it even smoother.

So all you mum, don’t waste time in thinking, just go and buy this superb product for your munchkin.


  1. Mother Sparsh wipes are the best wife have ever used and I am going to use them forever and ever thank you so much for this post and explaining why it is best will be waiting for your next post

  2. I too use Mother Sparsh wipes for my son as they are water based ..they are soft and velvety so I know that my child is getting the best care

    1. Yes the high percentage of water in wipes even more usable to kids.

  3. I am using mothersparsh wipes for a while and loving the quality. Its very easy to carry too

    1. Yes carrying them is quite handy as they come with plastic lock to retain the moisture content.

  4. I live that brands are becoming more conscious. And especially for baby brands, it is so important that they choose the right ingredients.

  5. Good product for all the new borns. Parents look out for this. A lot of good word has been put for this.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

    1. They are so good Manas, that words flow in the wipes praise.

  6. I love the idea of water based wipes they do not contain harmful chemicals which might harm the sensitive skin..


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