Saturday, 13 April 2019

L - LOCATION - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Is it possible for us to reach a destination without knowing where it is?
Can we commute to a place without knowing how far it is?
Wouldn’t our journey be of any value when we don’t know where are we going?

The single answer to the above questions is NO.
We all need a destination address; we all need to know the distance for our final endpoint. Without knowing where are we heading to our every step in journey seems meaningless.  So what we need is a destination’s LOCATION, in general we need to know where are we heading before we start. 

Know your location - AuraOfThoughts

Location, Latitude and Longitude guide us to reach a terminus. Isn’t easy for us to travel when we know where are we heading? Location can be compared to goal in life. If we have goal in life we know which path to choose and what means of communication we need to reach there.

Knowing location of a place makes you more focused towards goals and helps us decide what means of transport we need t reach there? Aimless and random walks in life can be made worthy only if we know where is the final point.

There maybe varying paths to reach a point and various means too, sooner or later one may reach a point through its abilities but what is important is the reaching the point.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi puts it brilliantly across us in this quote “Goals transform a random walk into a chase”.

Latitude is nothing but Attitude towards life and Longitude is your hardwork. Once you have these two then reaching a life peak is definite while choosing your path according to your abilities. Know your dream location and chase it with full potential at your speed. Find yourself admist nature with your senses and then walk towards your goal.

Is your chase towards dream defined?
What is most important factor to reach your dream?
Does defining Goals makes life easier?

Are you a nature curator?
We Meenal & Sonal are, nature lovers and observers too. So this year we have come up with theme #NatureRepository for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.

You will find Nature lessons with each alphabet through out April here.



  1. Nice post. I might not completely agree with your thoughts there about knowing the distance but I 100% agree with you about knowing the goal that you are chasing. Otherwise the whole futile exercise of living a life would be wasted. Good work.

  2. Manisha - I like the way you have correlated Latitude and Longitude with Attitude and Hardwork, with correct attitude and Hardwork we will surely find our path ,��

  3. Lovely post. As always, very creative and thought-provoking.

  4. True, Reaching a destination via the path , needs to be pondered over, what the final destination is and how we plan to reach there!

  5. It would be good to know exactly where our latitude and longitude match so we could achieve our goals by working in the right direction.

  6. Well said, it is important to know your dream location and chase it with full potential at your speed. Goals make the dreams a reality, they give a sense of direction and purpose. Thought-provoking post!


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