Monday 15 April 2019

M - MOON - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Celestial bodies have significant impact on our lives, and Moon is one special among them. Moon, I can say is quite dearer as from childhood many of us must heard rhymes related with Moon as centric character and calling it out Chanda Mama.

Moon is the one of the best creations of the nature and it has many lessons in its mannerism for us humans to learn to. Moon and its phases are known to one and all, the best thing about it is that it keeps on changing its shape and look beautiful each time. Be it waxing or waning moon it tells me that one situation is not going to thrive forever and that motivates me to work continuously for betterment.

There are days when Moon disappears from the sky, and that is the time to resonate with self and rejuvenate for a fresh start. Moon asks us to keep working with full potential though the surroundings changes. For humans too, time and situations doesn’t remain same each day, some are happy days and some are gloomy ones but what matters the most is our effort towards the way of living if that is positive and clear, then no ups and downs in life can ever dither us to reach our dreams peak.

Arthur Smith sums up very brilliantly in this quote “The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour and nuance.” Don’t hesitate to step in different phases of life, one should accept the changes and keep walking in the desired path.

Have you ever looked at the Moon and wondered about it’s shape?
Have your ever did Moon talking?
Does watching the Moon relaxes you and who does Moon remind you of?

Are you a nature curator?
We Meenal & Sonal are, nature lovers and observers too. So this year we have come up with theme #NatureRepository for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.

You will find Nature lessons with each alphabet through out April here



  1. I really liked reading how you have compared the phases of the moon with the phases of life of us humans.:)

  2. I loved the analogy of the phases of the moon and the phases in our life. Always love your thoughts.

  3. This is such a beautiful article written about the moon comparing it to our human lives .

  4. The moon has incredible powers. In fact, I have heard many babies arrive on full moon nights!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  5. The moon is very calming influence. I wonder why people fight!

  6. A very interesting and different series for AtoZ. I an super intrigued and will be following your posts. On another note, I find it very soothing to sit outdoors in the night and look at the moon and the stars!

  7. I love reading such information that tells more about such celestial bodies. Thanks for sharing.


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