Wednesday, 17 April 2019

O - OCEAN - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Letter O has few words with nature but a big word for sure and that is O for Ocean in this #NatureRepository series for #AtoZChallenge.

Many witness Ocean and its majestic beauty; the way the blue flares and inspires millions of people is way beyond imagination. Ocean is kind of beginning of the earth, and are so huge that it takes days to travel a particular ocean. So lets travel for ocean within ourselves to find the hidden treasure.

Deep ocean secrets - AuraOfThoughts

Ocean also symbolizes stability, as it as old as many centuries. We learn to be calm and look deep down ourselves for the spark that is somewhere hidden down settled in ourselves. We humans at a time need to take a dip into our selves and find that one talent that can make a difference in life. For example one can be an excellent marketing agent by approaching clients with his witty side too. An ocean has wide horizon and deep roots, so be like one and have broader approach while looking for that spark deep within you.

Ocean large base asks us also to be more experimental in life and break the mundane chain of sequences. The way Ocean at times is calm, and sometimes thunderous and at times behaving in a normal patterned way shows us that even humans can have multiple roles under one hat.

So be experimental while looking for the spark deep down yourself and you and only you know your talent that can make the difference in your daily routine.

Do you also look at Ocean with huge heart to grasp the lessons?
Does looking deep down in yourself have helped you gain confidence in life?
Does a single virtue of yours make you different in the crowd?
Share your learning’s from ocean with us in the comments section.

Are you a nature curator?
We Meenal & Sonal are, nature lovers and observers too. So this year we have come up with theme #NatureRepository for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.

You will find Nature lessons with each alphabet through out April here



  1. To me the ocean always symbolize change and travel. Not a destination, but movement. Energy. Taking everything thrown at it. - Erin (

  2. These mighty oceans have a lot to say!


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