Thursday 26 February 2015

Voluble Waves

Sitting on the shore of the mighty Bay of Bengal at Puri, Odisha mind just comes to a standstill and is lost in the glory of observing the gushing waves which touches the shore. They envelope us in their mesmerizing charm.
But have any one ever pondered what they really teach us, do they come to us with a message, did we ever tried to hear their whispers?

Sitting on a rock, beside a peaceful bay,
Gushing water touches, the shore in a way,
What a serene visage it dons to sing,
Whispering something to mend broken strings.

  Every wave with lots of force,
And with a collected support,
Bounces to reach to a destination,
With complete devotion and altruism.

Look out what it whispers with grace,
Want to teach some gestures of life’s race,
Collected strength gains maximum score,
Then why not assemble more n more.

Puri, Odisha

Then, why sometimes twinge to head alone,
Draught of proud overshadows our tone,
Partitioned heart is an empty bowl,
Lay defunct like farms during drought.

Break the curdle of ego in mind,
Gel with oneness and thoughts refined,
Bonds of selfishness is merely a paper tiger,
The strength of oneness makes one tougher.

This ultimate message that waves spread,
Nature teaches us lessons best,
Oh! Why not we all unite,
See the world with thoughtful sight.

Linking to Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and Wordle#49.
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  1. Well said.... A very Nice Composition!

  2. Why not we all unite... I wish we all could.. Nice poem

    Soulful: Angels in my life

  3. Wonderful! Puri's spirituality reaches all...the message of oneness is very apt for today's world...:)

    1. Amrita, hope this message reaches world wide across all borders.

  4. I wish all of us would understand that...that there are beauty and strength in oneness! Very well penned... :-)


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