Thursday 19 February 2015

A Good Night Sleep

“Each one of us on this earth are the actors of a play written and directed by God”; is well said by a famous author. Yes, we do play a myriad of roles in our personal as well as professional life. Each role play includes complete dedication and commitment to perform duties. Life is like changing masks of our face according to the role played and performing such multi-faceted duties is a challenge. And a lot of expectations from each role to be fulfilled are what life all about is. 

Our life takes a steep turn with the welcome of a child. The 
sweet journey kick starts with utmost delicacy and warmth. Throughout the day we have to don hats of many duties for kids but, the best time which I like to spend with kids is the time when I put them to sleep.

A child feels protected when we spend some time with them before kissing them goodnight. My daughter too always wants me to be by her side and so I make it a point to postpone all my work for her. I have become good at many things like singing , acting, a story telling, mimicry and what not:)

 I have penned down some of the ways which I enjoy doing with my little one before a good night slumber.

Being a mom is a delight, it is a job I do with a pride,
Coupled with an emotional stake, now my life needs no brake.
How hurriedly the days went on, I have no time to even yawn,
What a bliss it instills in me and a transformation I have undergone.

Little footsteps halt when night, tired of days naughty ride,
“Mamma” she calls in her cute voice, it’s time for a lullaby.
Singing in a loving tone, narrating how little stars shone,
 Golu molu moon has come to say, close your eyes to welcome another day.

Aura of thoughts- good night

Sometimes there are stories from fairy tale world,
At times are narrated with puppets unfurled.
Dear tube light and fan are her real superstars
Zip Zap zoom her dolly drives a car.
Aura of thoughts-Shadows

Playing with shadows is often her choice,
A sound of animals and birds makes her rejoice.
Roary lion and the choo-choo bird at a nearby lake,
serving all the little ones a good night cake.
Aura of thoughts-Parenting-quote

But, when too tired she just needs a caressing touch,
A sweet little gesture of warmth and nothing much,
All naughty actions has come to a full stop,
only to start with more energizing hops.
The diaper which keeps dry makes no little one cry,
Pampers are remarkable for kids as there are no leaks,
Leaves the action of tots uninterrupted,
Adds fun with no hassles lasted.

It is a great thought that Pampers has put in for the tiny tots which keep their actions undisturbed, thus making all the mothers happy to find their little ones cute smiling faces.



  1. Life has changed drastically with babies in diapers while parents busy with other chores...alas there is always the downsize of technology.

    cute post!

    1. Yes Ruchira, change for better. Now parents can spend more quality time with their toddlers in hygienic manner :)

  2. Great take for the theme. :)


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