Sunday 15 February 2015

Resilient bond over Blurry distances

Anjali viewed their valentine destination from the train for the one last time and lost in thoughts that were interrupted when Akshay queried, “What are you thinking my dear”?
This weekend was perfect with flowers, cakes, sweets and most vital part of celebration was our jointly time”, enthusiastic Anjali essayed the content feeling.

But time is constrained when we get back to our home, you will return to ship and again distances open up and takes place of love”, worried Anjali conveyed her desire for more together time.

Akshay pacified her by saying “though we are apart for some time, our love is not dying as our bond is like love for all seasons”.

Anjali said in heavy voice “I know distances are blurry compared to our eternal love bond, yet departure makes me weak” and the tears never stopped.

Aura-of-thoughts-distant relationship

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    1. Quotes essays a lot, and we are trying to connect through our own quotes, such as the above image

  2. Thanks Rajesh, keep visiting often :)

  3. Distance is tough, but then, sometimes there is no alternative :-(

  4. Distances sometimes bring us an inch closer too :).....keep Visiting.


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