Monday, 19 January 2015

#Laundry ≠ #Women

Ria and Vivek, recently married and started their new phase of life. They had big mission of setting up their home, arranging things as they had to head back to their respective jobs soon as they had taken a lot of vacations for marriage rituals and for long planned holiday trip.

Aura-of-thoughts - Ria n Vivek in Love
Love Birds : Vivek n Ria
Ria and Vivek two love birds
started their journey undeterred.
Bounded with an invisible strings
embracing every challenge that clings.

With love they crept in their abode
to set off their life with a loving note.
Surely it was time to assemble lot of things
arranging all to make life swing.

Aura-of-thoughts- Ria n vivek list
Ria and Vivek making task list

Soon it got difficult to decide
thought each work to divide
Soon they started to enlist
core areas they short list.

Both sat with a paper pen
jotted down work ten-ten
All major tasks were covered
one thing was not discovered.

Aura-of-thoughts - Vivek chilling
Vivek shrugging off the responsibility

Soon they agreed with each other
commenced their tasks with great fervor
Room by room things started to shape
no single minute they let escape.

Ria was quick at making decisions
Vivek too did things with precision
finishing the work both sat and sighed
patted each other for the decisions right.

Aura-of-thoughts - Laundry job worries
Ria thinking about laundry
Ria suddenly got up in despair
Said to Vivek,“we have one more thing to share
a major task is still left over
but we both can surely cover.”

Vivek smiled with surprise,
“What is left on my side?
I am done with my responsibility
there is no such possibility."

Aura-of-thoughts-Who will take up Laundry
Who will take up LAUNDRY job?
“Laundry is what I am talking about,
Said Ria with a doubt,
this task we both forgot to list down
there are lot many clothes around."

Said Vivek “It’s not that I forgot,
Laundry is by default your part
Washing, drying, and ironing…uff!
this is not my kind of stuff."

Aura-of-thoughts-Question raised over Laundry
Question raised
Listening and looking at them quietly,
Asha tai stammered coyly,
“I want to say something child
from my experiences which are gild.”

“Sir is right in a way,
Said their maid in dismay,
no one helps for this work
washing clothes gives a knee jerk.

Shouted Ria, “I wonder you telling that
being a wife of a washer man.
Question raised - Source
Mostly men opt this profession
then what is left for discrimination. 

There is no work today woman can’t do
in every field we have equal ado
then why don’t men give a try                 
with a Laundry basket beside.”

Added Ria,”This question is certainly 
Need to answer - Source
not settling soon
today I shall show you
Ariel makes clothes shining as moon

In future men shall definitely ask
why laundry was not our task
as now it’s effortless with Ariel
Laundry is now easy and fun in real."

This fiction story of Ria and Vivek is actually a true story of every household, where woman are being defaulted with this task. I feel it should not be by default woman equals Woman, Ariel raised this question #IsLaundaryOnlyWomanJob, to which this post is our answer and #Laundry ≠ #Women.

 “I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”



  1. interesting verses! Ariel was a Godsent solution!

  2. Loved your lyrical story. You said a valid point about washerman.... hehe... :)

    1. Yes Ravish Mani valid point raised, hope all men are taking note :))

  3. Superb style of writing. Last part of bit promotional but that is acceptable because of the initiative by indiblogger. Overall I enjoyed reading it. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Vishal for kind words. I would like to correct, this is Blogadda initiative.

  4. Superbly expressed in poetic verses.
    It's Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani! hahaha!

    1. Yes Anu, ghar ghar ki kahani ek aurat ki zubani :))

  5. Very nicely expressed with cool pics, MeenalSonal :)
    Creative post!
    Best wishes :)

    1. Thanks a ton Anita, glad you liked the style :)

  6. Good fiction but I have completely opposing views. When laundry is done by machines nowadays, why so much fuss for only putting on the machine and putting it off. Who cleans laundry by hand nowadays?

    But your post is very creative..that I must say. But understand these campaigns are used to create a sense of division in our families for promotion of such brands..

    1. Partha, welcome to the blog.

      Laundry is done by machines in most of the homes, but it's not just switching on and off of machine; it involves a series of tasks
      1. sorting clothes and putting them in machine
      2. taking out and drying up them
      3. picking and folding
      4. Sorting of clothes,
      5. Ironing and arranging.

      Ariel and blogadda are not saying that laundry is difficult task, it's just that they are bringing awareness in saying Laundry is not a default job for woman.

      Keep visiting, liked your detailing in comment :)

    2. why are these brands deciding that for families. Let the individual families decide. Men too need to take care of a lot of responsibilities but yes I do agree that men do need to share some household work too, especially on weekends. The survey results are projected to show inequality, oppression in our families, and that is what is my objection. Here is my take on this topic, the bitter truth of today -

  7. I agree with your blog post but not with Partha. Please Partha - do the laundry yourself for a month. Don't ask your Mother or sister or wife, if you have one. If it's so easy to do then even you can do it, right?

    1. Thanks Kalpanna Misra and welcome o the blog.


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