Monday 11 April 2022

MeenalSonal's new blog addition Dhoopchaanv धूपछाँव

A new beginning brings along a lot of happiness, excitement, and joy, and of course with it brings nervousness, slight anxiety about the performance, and mainly responsibility.

We always look for ways to excel as we firmly believe in accepting the change and moving ahead with time and simultaneously bracing ourselves for a novel approach.

You might be thinking about what new Blogging duo Meenal Sonal is going to bring, few asked us is it about the new category in our blog or the new format at our blog but let us tell you it is not about auraofthoughts blog. Then what, you must be guessing.

We are bringing a new Hindi blog for all our Hindi lovers titled “dhoopchaanv”. The seed of dhoopchaanv was germinated in January 2022. Our Hindi writing is connected to the reader's heart, and the chords were always so strong that one of our most-read poetry is the Hindi poetry post.

Plus, writing in the regional language has its charm, and connecting with fellow readers and writers is surely a perk of it. 

Presenting you Dhoopchaanv धूपछाँव

Blogging is always a two-way process; bloggers write, and readers read the blog. We are thankful to all the readers for showering immense love and faith on us for the past eight years for the auraofthoughts blog. We would love to have your blessings and support for the new budding Hindi blog too.



  1. Congratulations for your new baby. Loved the name. I am sure, you will bring many gems for your readers. And yes, regional language has its own charm. It has a special warmth. Wish you loads of good luck!!

  2. Many congratulations and best wishes for the new hindi blog. As a regular reader of ur blogs, I look forward to read blogs in hindi

  3. Congratulations, Meenal Sonal...i am sure it will be a roaring success like auraofthoughts. Wishing both of you all the best.

  4. Congratulations for growing. Wishing you all the very best for the future. I am sure it will be a huge success like auraofthoughts. Keep blogging

  5. I am so happy for you. you know, I also have a wish to start a hindi section or a new hindi blog but do not know when will it happen? wishing you loads of luck for great success for new venture.

  6. Congratulations. It is a great way to promote regional language and if you really love writing and reading hindi this is a geat way to showcase your strengths. Congratulations and looking forward to reading some

  7. This is such exciting news. You both bring so much information with your blogs. It is a new feather in your hat and wishe you all the best with it. Although I am not very fluent in Hindi, I will still love to read your blog, nevertheless.

  8. Many many congratulation for this new venture. I am sure its going to rock. All the best and wish you all the success.


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