Thursday, 20 December 2018

Where is BEAUTY?

We all are well aware of the quotation that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Does it stand true in all aspects of life or is it just a saying? 
One may find a bright orange color best for their wedding dress whereas some one else choose contrastingly pastel pink. At the end of the day both the brides look beautiful donning their favorite color attire.
So what makes both of them elegant? 
We have also recently witnessed many celebrity weddings where the color combinations used are totally contrasting to the other. And I have also seen a few brides who prefer no makeup and simple dressing combination. Each one looked beautiful and best on their wedding.
Looking at such contrasting choices, a series of questions emerged in my mind.

So who has done complete justice to the D-Day?
How is it possible for such varying factors that each bride chose?
What mattered the most?
What was it that made them glow on their D-day? What enhances the beauty? Is beauty truly in the eyes of beholder? 
Then why do some fashion critics place someone’s dressing sense more adorable than the other?
Each one in this world wants to look their best not only on important days but also in routine. Be it your work place or a party or be it in a relaxing mood at home. Whatever dress format be it formal or casual’s
one thing is common among all.
Did you try to figure out, what is that one common thing among all the brides, be it celeb, or television actress or a girl next door they all had one common thing that is inner happiness and peace

Yes HAPPINESS & PEACE have a commendable share in the way a person looks. These two factors can make a simple face to glow like a beam or in contrast a makeup donned perfect face look gloomy. Then whatever colors one may opt or the kind of dress one picks is secondary. Happiness, the prime quotient is where beauty emerges.
Happiness quotient also varies from person to person. Most of them feel joyous to tie up their hairs in a style while for some flaunting them by letting them loose. The choice is completely personal. Again it’s the choice that takes our happiness quotient to the maximum level, it’s the choice, which gives us inner peace. "I am beautiful because I am peaceful."  

Inner peace is where the beauty lies. This factor just imparts the perfect glow and a pleasant demeanor, which cannot go unnoticed. "I searched for beauty all around, it was hidden within me."
So my friends, if you are looking for beauty outward and waiting for the person to have the perspective of beauty then I would say the wait can be over if you are truly happy and peaceful from within. This I call as INNER BEAUTY.

If you are beautiful inside then every person next to you can’t ignore your beauty. Glow from inner beauty that makes you face radiant.
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  1. I completely agree with you. .if you are happy from within then it reflects on your face..ur face glows and you look beautiful automatically..

  2. I loved the theme of your post dear. You have captured the essense really beautifully.

  3. Completely agree. Inner beauty us true. No make up can hide the sadness and no make up can bring the happiness on our face. A happy and peaceful mind will automatically bring out the best smile on our face.

  4. Totally agree with your view point her. Real Beauty is reflected with the happiness or inner piece, love how beautifully you have expressed it here.

  5. I totally love the post, if you are happy then you get a glow which make you beautiful.

  6. This topic is so relevant today. Everybody is busy chasing that perfect look without realising that everyone is beautiful in their unique way.
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