Thursday, 9 July 2015

Speedy Browser - UC Browser

We are living in digital era, and enjoying it’s every bit of it.  Be it feeling happy about connected with your friends and family at a click or searching a job or home through an app, we all shall agree that digital world has made our lives much easier and smoother with very less physical hassles.

And when it comes to connectivity of smart phones and other digital devices, we all want it to be on it’s mark as who want to gaze at these devices while they are updating at tortoise’s speed. Yes I say tortoise speed because like in the story of ‘hare and tortoise’, tortoise does win but with it’s own speed. In the era of speed who will wish the slow speed browser in their upgraded handsets and tablets; because connectivity cannot come at the cost of our valuable time. As no one in world would like to miss their life’s moments waiting for browser to get the updates of current affairs, sports and entertainment.

In India, varied sports are followed but “Cricket” is one, which is followed religiously by most of them. Cricket is the game, which I think is inseparable from each Indian. Every game is watched with the same enthusiasm and spirits. In true sense cricket is life for most of them, and they would do anything to stay connected with this game. When it comes to sports, minute-by-minute update becomes crucial at certain times. But information at the stake of switching off from real world for longer time is not appreciated. Information and news needs to be reached to readers and followers in spontaneous manner; and UC Browser does it all with an ease.  UC Browser gives one uninterrupted service to enjoy the updates in no time.
UCCricket a dedicated feature of UC Browser for cricket game gives cricket lovers all what they need. Ball by ball updates of all cricket games played in the world, so that no one misses any information of the cricket world. Yuvraj Singh, renowned cricketer known for his speed in cricket world is promoting UC Browser and it’s devoted feature for cricket UC Cricket, so you know this browser is definitely means speed. Watch this video for more details of UC Browser from Yuvraj Singh himself.

And this video Yuvraj, consultant and ambassador

Few poetic lines for the speedy browser,

Surf with UC Browser, which is way smoother,
Experience the speed, which is hour’s need.

Surf and view everything, with just a blink,
Stay updated in seconds, with all the fun.

Yuvraj bats for UC Browser, where speed is power
UC Browser shall surely last, as it says “Surf it all, surf it fast”.

UCCricket is boon for fans, and loved by all clans
it is like magic wand, enjoy it’s amusing stand.


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