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How & Why Top Industries work towards better Environment

Change is evident in the world and the change-makers can make the change towards the betterment of society. In our previous post of #EnvironmentalTalks of #CauseAChatter, we discussed the importance of explaining the reasoning to children about the protection and care towards the environment. In this post, we shall have a closer look at the companies and industries that are working for the betterment of society plus taking decisions to revive the lost environmental areas.

Why Industries need to focus on Greener Solutions:

Industries have always been considered a major role in environmental pollution, therefore looking for a solution in this sector is the priority of the nation and the world. Industries are one of the largest growing sectors in India and with many upcoming entrepreneurs paving way for manufacturing the products on their own instead of importing. It is the responsibility of the owners to make the environment more greener with their efforts and also make sure that the industrial waste is minimum. Additionally properly dumping the industrial waste is the key aspect.

7 reasons why Industries turn towards pro-environment:

A few of the reasons for the industries to take-up greener solutions are listed below. These reasons help them stand long in the marketplace and also build a credible customer base with a helping hand to the government for reducing pollution.


The strategic advantage over the competitors

Utilizing natural resources

Using products that can be recycled

Reducing the usage of non-recycled products

Reduce costing by recycling

The government also provides a subsidy

Companies with Green Index /Resolution:

Many companies are ranking on the Green Index and making their efforts count towards nature. Let us know more about the top 5 industries/companies that are ranking on top of this list.[1]

Agrinia Exulite Agro-Science Pvt. Ltd.

Agrinia Exulite Agro-Science Pvt. Ltd. , Bengaluru aspires to revolutionize the farming sector with their real-time solutions through natural products and also they tend to energize organic farming. This company focuses on small and medium farmers plus they have measures that can be easily adapted, such as hydroponics, vertical farming, and green-house cultivation. 

BRICS Bio Natural Cleaners

This company was founded for developing technologies that are bio-based innovations and is located in Bengaluru. This company promotes natural farming, urban farming, and community farming. This company has produced house cleaning products that are plant-based. There is a list of products that can be used with the goodness of nature and also have a range of bio-pesticides.

DTD Studio

This studio in Chennai focuses on architects and plans that are eco-friendly. They construct a liveable place close to nature among the concrete jungle. They do support local artisans and enthusiastically take up mud architecture and eco-friendly architecture.


Iktara located in Mumbai, as the company name suggests has a notion that all the living beings are connected with one single thread and that is nature. This company makes living easy with doable actions and plans that can be implemented in everyday use. They believe that larger change is possible only when all join hands towards the cause.


It is one of the leading industries in engineering, located in Gujrat. It provides solutions to automate the critical manufacturing process and function cost-effectively. It works with various NGO’s to bring the best to the environment and has solutions for various types of waste such as Food Waste, Agro Waste, Plastic waste, etc

We have just listed 5 companies that are creating change in the industry sector and bridging the gap. Many companies are trying their best to work positively to save the environment. A small step in coming years be a large step for the environment, and working towards a vision of protecting the environment of every individual and the companies. We as consumers can choose by selecting industries, companies, and the products that are made with natural products and use methods that are saving natural resources; this will in-turn be supporting to these companies.

Do you select products or brands that work in pro-environment notions?

Will you be more aware of the products you choose as a customer or select the company to work for on this notion?

[1]  https://www.ecoideaz.com/green-directory/brics-bio-natural-cleaners/



  1. I have learnt so many things through your post today. I was unaware of all of this.

  2. More and more industries are becoming green conscious and what a marvelous thing to do. Thank you for sharing about some examples of such places in your post.

  3. These are issues I feel deeply about.Will be checking out the brands and products

  4. I've been cautious of choosing products based on how brands producw them given the fact that industries shouldn't be polluting in the name of production. Glad to know the companies that you listed follow green index

  5. I have always steered to eco-friendly living and that is what my blog reflects too! I believe in the concept of using products that are safe for the skin and the earth!

  6. I do consider products from brands that are environment friendly but not in every scenario as it gets difficult due to certain reasons. I will definitely make sure to make the changes that work towards the notion.

  7. I see many companies trying to make the environment worth living in for our children. But then there are many who are ruining it too. Let's hope for the best!

  8. This is really great that nowadays many companies are coming forward and working in a way that supports our environment. I really liked the end message of post and agree that if each one in our society take responsibility and put their contribution in saving the environment, then it could make a major difference in whole situation and we can have a better environment for future generation.

  9. That's really good to know that the companies are focusing on the environment which is really important for current situation and coming generation...

  10. The awareness is slowly seeping in but still most industries turn a blind eye to the environment needs. Hope you post reaches many people and brings about a healthy change.

  11. True, in order to survive, even industries need to cut down on consumption of natural resources and recycle their products. I definitely veer towards companies and products that have an eco-conscience.

  12. For sure Industries need to go pro-environment Actually the emissions from industry and the waste contributes to more pollution than vehicle emission or air pollution caused by Fire crackers.. Glad that these industries are implementing pro-environment norms in their operation.

  13. I really love the way now more companies are focused towards more eco friendly products. I prefer buying organic and eco friendly stuff for my home.

  14. I do try to look for products that are sustainable and don't cause a burden on our environment. It's good to know that many industries are turning pro-environment, it is the need of the hour.

  15. Companies that consciously rely on eco-friendly ways like recycling, sustainable long term 'green' ways and are environmentally responsible always take precedence for me. I'm glad you've mentioned those who do their part.

  16. I am glad to read about the industries who are actively involved in working towards better environment. We need a strong infrastructure to preserve nature.

  17. We too are trying to shift towards more conscious living with reducing the usage of plastic and even if we do, we make sure its if a high grade. Switching to glass bottles and containers and refusing cutlery for takeaway orders is some of the way we work towards the environment and its great to know about these companies who also work keeping the nature and environment in mind.

  18. It's really important to save environment through small steps by everyone and I am really happy companies are taking steps to support environment

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  20. This is a post that would be an eye opener for many. It is important to select the companies that have a motto of conserving nature so that the great of the companies would also be forced to go green.

  21. True, more and more indutries are moving towards greener output to maintain the global carbon emmission counts. With rising pollutions levels it would be hard to sustain for long such steps are much needed

  22. I really hope more and more industries make a shift towards environmental friendly measures. We need to take concrete steps for our future.

  23. Good to know so many industries are going green and taking care of the environment. Great post!


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