Thursday 29 July 2021

7 Best Organic and Safe Baby Washes in India 2021

Babies and their every stuff is there to adore, and the cuteness is overloaded around. We also ensure to give the baby the best of the best in every manner, be it a selection of baby lotion, baby massage oil, baby wipes, or be it a baby wash.

We always select the baby care products after a good research and also by the recommendation of our family and friends. There are 6 factors that I look into buying a baby wash that will help to keep the baby clean and at the same time is good for baby health and hygiene.

6 Factors to choose the Baby wash for new-born:

Baby skin is gentle, and one needs to be careful to purchase the product as any experiment with it will lead to skin rashes and allergic reactions.

The baby wash needs to be soothing on the skin.

Organic products cause less or no harm to the skin.

The combination of baby wash with shampoo is perfect for a parent to handle stuff in the bath routine.

Less or no fragrance in the baby wash, as I do not wish my baby to strongly smell like aloe vera or avocado after the bath.

Packaging of the bottle, and ease of use feature.

And most importantly the no-tear formula in the baby wash is an added advantage.

Today let us share with you the best baby wash products that are good on the scale of organic nature.  Selecting the baby wash is crucial as it gets in contact with the baby's skin directly and on all parts of the body.

1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash

Mother Sparsh plant powered baby products range is quite appealing with the packaging and also for the unique formula in the baby wash.

Calming & Soothing Effect:

It has an exceptional blend of essential oils such as Calendula oil, Avocado oil, Chamomile oil, and Grapeseed oil.

All the essential oils help to treat various skin ailments and also provide a glow that is naturally enhanced by the presence of the oils.

The essential oils provide a calming and soothing effect on the baby's skin that helps the baby to stay calm in the bathing process.

Shea butter is one of the main ingredients in the baby wash that makes the baby wash have the nourishment factor in it that in turn helps to soothe the baby skin.

Made from Plant-based ingredients:

It has the purest organic formulation that helps to cleanse the baby and also provides the required moisturizer to the baby.

Mother Sparsh Plant-based Baby wash is a botanical blend of plant extracts, organic herbs, and essential oils.

The Mother Sparsh Plant powered baby wash is free from artificial ingredients such as Silicon’s, Parabens, Dyes, SLS, and so on.

Great for Everyday Use

This baby wash is specially designed for everyday use, which makes it a perfect partner in the baby care routine.

It has the light natural fragrances of the essential oils, that make us feel close to nature and reliving the nature moment of life.

Priced at 385 for 200 ml, this baby wash has all the natural and plant-based ingredients in the formulation.

All the features make the Mother Sparsh Plant powered Natural baby wash one of the best baby wash for sensitive skin.

2. Baby Head to Toe Baby Foam wash

Goodness me Baby wash is perfect for babies who love the foam around in the bathtub and like to play with it. It is just a pump and foam formula, so no waiting to create the foam on baby skin or in adult's hands.

It is a completely organic product with content Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender, and Organic Rose Water

It has no toxins, no parabens, no alcohol, and it has no fragrance too that makes it a good choice for newborns.  

It has no tear formula, and also shampoo content in it that makes it perfect for parents to handle the bottle at bath time.

Priced at 470 for 200ml.

3. Dabur Baby Wash

Dabur Baby Was with gentle moisturizer has a cute packaging with the green bottle, that adds charm to the wash area and with so many characters such as star, moon grasps kid attention.

Dabur is a years-long used product and its baby care range is surely loved by upcoming parents too. I have used this product and it is completely worth it plus the point to note is that the contents are translucent whereas the bottle color is green.

This baby wash is enriched with ayurvedic herbs that help to retain the moisture in the baby’s gentle skin.

It has pH balanced formula, no-tear formula and it is clinically tested to be mild on the baby’s skin.

It contains Calendula and coconut oil that retains the skin moisture and has the goodness of aloe vera too.

Priced at 160 for 200 ml is one of the best offers by the Dabur that ensures smooth skin after the wash.  

4. Dove baby wash

Dove has a huge range of baby care products and one of the popular ones is the Dove baby wash.

It is safe to use the product on the baby and has all the properties of the natural moisturizer.

It has pH neutral formula and can be used from hair to toe, it also fulfills no tear criteria that is a must for the parents to shun off cries at the bathing time.

Price at 315 for 400 ml is the best deal from the Dove, one can also look at various combo offers at Amazon.

5. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Bath

Aveeno is the brand that I have used and can see the change in the baby's skin after the usage.

It works aptly for babies with delicate skin as it has active natural oats formula that protects and nourishes the skin.

Another advantage in using this baby wash is that it has head to toe feature with no-tear formula.

It is gentle to use on an everyday basis and is fragrance-free.

For 354 ml it is priced at 800, perhaps I would say if baby skin is super sensitive then this baby wash can be chosen.

6. Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash with Organic Calendula

Baby’s skin is super soft and loses moisture also very quickly so using a baby wash that has the goodness of moisturizer is a smart choice.

Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Wash with organic Calendula

is delicate on the skin and also has moisturizer properties. Its ultra-rich formula contains one-third of the baby lotion that helps to form a smooth lather and prevents baby skin from drying.

It has calming calendula organic formula that does not have any parabens and is dermatologically tested.

For 230 ml, it costs around 2,500 that is quite expensive, though you can check for offers ongoing on the various e-commerce websites.

7. The Moms co Natural Baby Wash

The Moms Co. natural baby wash gently cleans the baby, and it has a unique blend of Coconut based cleansers and oils like avocado oil that helps to cleanse the baby with no tears.

The presence of oil and Vitamin A, D, & E aids to enrich the baby’s sensitive skin.

The baby wash contains organic oils that help to reduce any inflammation on the baby's skin and also heals the wounds.

It has no harmful and synthetic formula; it is mineral-oil-free and is certified for use for babies and toddlers.

The price of 393 for 200ml is the good deal one can opt for on the online shopping medium.

These are a few of the baby wash products that can help you and guide you to select the best organic one for your baby. The list is according to the organic ingredients plus the price factor of the product.

The list is just for awareness purposes, and every parent is advised to take their decision.



  1. So far I have only used Cetaphil and Dove baby wash. But good to know that there are other brands available in market.

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