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Midnight's Star : Friends to Lovers Book by Shilpa Suraj

Love has no boundaries and it crosses every hurdle. 

This stands true in the book titled ‘Midnight’s Stars’ by Shilpa Suraj in the Blogchatter book review program, where we write an honest book review in exchange for the book.

Book Cover & Title:

The book cover has a dashing man with shades with a slight frown. So we come to know though he is rich there is some problem in his life. When readers read the blurb they get more connected with the cover as the leading man of the book ‘Dev Arya’ is posted on the cover and he is visually impaired. The title does justice to the storyline.

Visionary Storyline:

Dev Arya is a rich author and walks into the café Teacup and meets the café owner Avni Desai who has the biggest shock of her life on that day. Her fiancé Bharat has been engaged to someone else. Dev and Avni's meetings in the café bond their friendship, and soon it is more than that from both ends. But will Dev’s visual impairment come in between their relationship and the past lives they had affects the future?

Exquisite Pointers:

  • The story is narrated by Dev and Avni perspective in alternate chapters, so reader gets to read the thoughts of both the main characters in a steady manner.
  • The concept of the story and the way author Shilpa Suraj has dealt with handicapped people is good to read plus in the very subtle manner she has made readers think on the facility for handicapped people is so less at public places.
  • The friendship bond of Diana & Sehar with Avni and Rishi & Manav with Dev has showcased the importance of true friends in life who let us be ourselves and at the same time how friends say the true things.
  • A single woman can accomplish many tasks on their own and the strong Avni character justifies the story twist in the end too.
  • Avni’s bond with her father is written so well that when Avni was conversing with his father after getting depressed from Dev & café situation that I had a tear rolling down my eye.
  • Every person has a guiding light in life and if we find such a person then we should hold that person closer to ourselves.
  • The humor in the book also gave a remarkable reading experience.

Missed Pointers:

  • The alternate chapter names have no numbering, so one can get lost in the bookmark feature that does not work.
  • The end chapter rushes to such an extent that I scrolled twice to see whether it is truly an end.
  • All loops of the story were not connected in the end, was looking forward to Diana’s story that was building well in the last half of the book. Looks like author will take up this in her next book in series.

Final Word for Midnight’s Star by Shilpa Suraj:

The world of Avni & Dev is completely different yet they cross the paths and enter into each other life with no exit point. Grab this light romantic read over the weekend and get to know what happens when a visually impaired person falls in love; they say love is blind and sees no boundaries but does this imply on them too. Love can be enough in life but is it the only thing one needs in life, all these aspects are covered in the book. How physically handicapped persons or visually impaired can be made part of normal life while being empathetic towards them and not being sympathetic a key takeaway from the book. 3.8/5

About the Author: 

A published author with Harlequin India, Locksley Hall, and Juggernaut, Shilpa Suraj writes stories that are sweet, tender, angsty, and passionate. While romance and women’s fiction are her favorite genres, she believes that at the end of the day, all that matters is the story.

Book Details:

Book Name: Midnight’s Star

Author: Shilpa Suraj

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Format: eBook, Kindle 

Pages: 160

Availability: Amazon & all leading sites.



  1. I haven't read about this book anywhere else. So to me its the first time read. Liked the story line and the small points that. the author has taken care of in this book.

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