Saturday 24 July 2021

5 Unique Gifting ideas for Friendship Day

A friend can be defined with many profound words as they hold exceptional value in life, so expressing the feelings in these poetic lines of Tanka poetry

Secret possessor

Groupie in every mischief

Foundation for trust

Buddies success and descend

Understands my inner soul

Friends are so special and every friendship bond is unique in its term. All sets of friends are the same yet different in the way they keep you going in life with uplifting words and also correcting you when required. Gifts to friends are also distinctive, so we are listing 5 unique ideas that can make your friendships day special for your lifelines.

Friend Gift Ideas - MeenalSonal

1. Customized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always on my top list as they deepen my bond with my friends. It also shows the understanding between friends and gifting them accessories, photo frames, hand-painted diaries, key chains are some of the ideas of the personalized gifts. The personal message inscribed on it will make the friendship ties for a longer run. Many artists can help you customize the gift. One of them is @inkedsolace29 at Instagram, you can check out the varied gifting range here.


2. Personal Care Kit

Gifting friends personal care is the second option, you can look for the friendships day gift. Curating a personal care kit for a friend paves the way to the heart as you are asking them to take time for self-care which most of us forget in the hustle of our daily lives. One such cute personal care gifting kit is designed by Bryan & Candy.

Bryan & Candy:

The products by Bryan & Candy are designed with the goodness of natural products and each kit and product is good for the skin. It naturally makes the skin glow after the application of the face masks, body scrub. Let us share our experience of Cocoa & Shea – Bath Tub Spa Kit for a complete Home Spa Experience. This Kit contains

Coco & Shea – Sugar Body Scrub : 

The body scrub with sugar granules exfoliates all the dead skin and makes the skin smooth and glowing plus the fragrance of the scrub is mesmerizing. It also helps in conditioning the skin.

Cocoa & Shea – Bath & Shower Gel

The bottle is packaged in the right manner, the bath gel cleanses the body with its essential oil ingredients and also moisturizes the body during the process. The dryness of the skin is reduced after the use of the Cocoa & Shea – Bath & Shower Gel. It also has a soothing fragrance that lingers on your body and hints of freshness throughout the day.

Cocoa & Shea – Chocolate Body Polish

The body needs scrubbing and polishing to rejuvenate the skin, this process not only helps to clean the body but also makes skin healthy. Free from sulphates, parabens this product is the smart choice for healthy skin.

 Cocoa & Shea – Hand & Body Lotion

Skin becomes rough due to many household chores to gain the lost shine of your skin, this body lotion helps to moisturize the skin. The non-greasy formula makes it the go-to moisturizer for any time of the day.

You can check the website which has Friendship day sale too, so be quick to grab the best set for your friends.

3. Health Plan

We all have understood the priority of the health in past few years. One can gift either a Full-body check-up or gift a Health plan. You can also choose a diet plan or exercise routine where you both can spend time that paves way for a healthy life in the future. Joining the same gym or enrolling in the same online exercise classes is also a great way to bond with a friend who lives in a distant or a different city.

4. Books

Reading books together and then discussing them makes you feel laugh and cry with them. Books are also good conversation starters if you are in your initial stages of friendship. Gifting the books is a superb way to have a buddy reader along with you. One can look for book recommendations and also gift the book of the genre your friend likes. Friends may have completely different genre preferences in books. You can check out the book reviews and then go ahead with book orders, such as below one

5. Holiday Trip

Planning for a holiday trip with your friend can boost tons of positivity in your dull day. Either make travel plans for future travel or gift your friend a holiday trip that can give them a break from their work and catch up with you on the trip. If friends are distant then inviting them to your city through a Holiday trip is a great idea one can opt for. 

With these unique gifting options, I am sure you can surprise you friend and even make them feel special and at the top of the world at the same moment. Making a call and video calls with your school or college groups is always a fabulous way to connect and rekindle memories. 

Wishing all our readers, viewers 'Happy Friendship Day' as we also share a unique bond through the medium of blog. Thank you all for supporting us in our blogging journey.



  1. I completely forgot about Friendship Day. Books are always my favorite if I know the genre preference of my friend. I also like to gift handmade paintings. And along with this, may be a lunch date.

  2. Loved all the ideas dear you have suggested in this post. personally, I love to prefer DIY things or cards and feel it add an extra warmth to relationship. from your post, I really loved health plan idea very much. during recent stressful condition, it sounds like a meaningful gift option.

  3. These are some lovely gifting ideas on friendship day. Personally I love to gift books to my friends and go out on a lunch with them.

  4. My BFFs are mostly in US or are scattered here and there. So best I do for them is I pen a heartfelt note for them and send via whatsapp or maybe call

  5. Nice ideas!I personally love giving books for any occasion. Also like the idea of gifting a health plan. Quite unique! And by the way would you consider reviewing my book too?! 😊

  6. Personalized gift is the great way to make someone feel special. There are so many website which provide them which is really very convenient. These are done great ideas.

  7. These are such great ideas to choose from for the friendship day. I guess other wise also if we give such lovely gifts to friends they are gonna cherish it for their life.

  8. For me, handmade gifts tops the chart and one can never go wrong with books :) On the other hand, I have been eyeing that bryan &candy combo since quite sometime, I think I will gift it to myself soon :)

  9. I need to get a friend who will give me any one of these hehe. I love the hamper though! Looks really tempting to gift it to myself. Hehe

  10. A health plan and a holiday trip will make many friends happy.These are done great gifts to give a friend for Friendship day.I just shared it on Twitter

  11. Books and self-care hampers do make the best gifting options. Health care plan is something out of the box and very useful.


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