Saturday, 17 July 2021

Poetry : Persistent Change : Breaking barriers to Rise

Turns and folds of human brain,

Builds numerous cages out of fear and despair.

Ambiguity of future paints our mind,

Plotting a change resembles an arduous time.

Tend to build heavy boulders with stones,

Every possibilities overlooked and back-turned. 

100's in number the thoughts muddle,

Uncertainty screams, sterility jingle.

Boundaries creep that fail to curtail, 

Shuts doors to evolve and smoothly sail.

Walking with time be punctuation in life,

Gallant efforts prepare us for situation right.

Resisting change, mind creeps to routine,

Heart shouts for forward change to shine.

Change persists, will meet at every bay,

Soon communion sparkles to give a ray.

One empowers in life’s moulding bowl,

Breaking all barriers to reach the goal.

Shatter all myths and hypocrisy’s at once,

Ear-mark the progressive positive stance.

Condition lest define unique channel, 

Foster courage to walk in conversion tunnel.

Status quo’s are rehearsal for superior change,

Understanding each is out of human range.

We all know change is a part of life and it is very important aspect; without which the arena or the way we are living our life is not possible. But what matters much is the degree of change and to what extent it will affect our life. Normally, we like change when it is more swiftly done, when there is not much reshuffling of our routine; sometimes few changes go unnoticed because they have a meager effect on our life. Moreover we accept change when we are prepared for it or when we have a little idea about its after effects. It’s beautifully quoted by Jim Rohm that” Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”.

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