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Valorous story of Brave Indian Soldiers : Avrodh, The Seige Within Web series

We all might have read about the valorous stories of our national heroes who gifted us an Independent India sacrificing their lives. While we have a peaceful life, our brave army confronts all the suffering ensuring a safe and happy place to live for us.

Watching movies based on their amazing deeds where they narrate the stories is truly an enriching experience. They immensely inspire us to strive for our country selflessly with great valor. I must confess that few of the movies are showcased for a decade, and to date that sparks the same fervor among us.

If you are willing to watch new web series based on the Indian army that truly makes your heart swell with proudness and drop a tear by seeing the effort of each officer in the army cantonment then this Avrodh web series is for you.

Avrodh Web series review - MeenalSonal

Avrodh series & its star cast:

Avrodh, The Siege Within is airing on SONY LIV originals. This web series is based on the episode of the Uri attack and how India conducted the Surgical strike in PoK. It is the story that showcases, how four militants infiltrated the army area in Uri and attacked it, how India reacts to the situation and how a senior army officer with a team of 18- 20 soldiers completed the mission of bringing down the terrorist troops at multiple places.

Amit Sadh, Darshan Kumaar, Vikram Gokhale, Neeraj Kabi, Anant Mahadevan, and Madhurima Tuli are featured in pivotal roles. Each actor enacts the role in an admirable manner. Amit Sadh plays the lead officer, Vikram Gokhale as PM Modi, Neeraj Kabi as NSA (National Security Advisor), and Madhurima Tuli as the news reporter. This web series is written by Harmanjeet Singha; Sudeep Nigam; Abhishek Chatterjee; Aadhar Khurana. 

India’s Most Fearless, True Stories of Modern Military Heroes book by Shiv Aroor & Rahul Singh has 14 stories of fearless acts by brave Indian soldiers. The First Chapter of the book is, 'We don’t really know fear, The September 2016 Surgical Strikes in PoK'. I have read the first chapter, and there are a lot of similarities with the series, so we can say the adaptation is done very well.


 What’s so special about Avrodh:

  • The scenes and the conversations are very realistic, like how army personnel would talk to their teammates and how conversations take between Indian PM or NSA.
  • There is no over-the-top melodrama that makes you feel out of the series.
  • With the brilliant screenplay, every actor gets their space to showcase their skills, and the dialogues are superb.
  • There are 10 episodes in the series, each ranging with the length of 20-25 minutes has a gripping twist with each episode. The background score helps ensemble the story forward.
  • Actor Amit Sadh is introduced in the 5th episode of the web series and has once again proved by his acting skills that he can perform meticulous roles with ease. He leads the team of soldiers, and every scene has his 100% authority in it.
  • Madhurima Tuli, the fame of Baby movie and at Big Boss house 13; has acted skillfully and pulled off the reporter's character easily. Her fierce reporting in the show is a delight to watch, and her reasoning with the Editor also makes us think about what is right and wrong in Journalism.
  • The web series also showcases how the media works in sensitive cases plus the audience also watches how the Indian government keeps media away from national sensitive topics.

Avrodh, web series or Uri Movie:

One is bound to compare the Avrodh, the Seige within web series to the Uri, the Surgical Strikes movie. Though, Avrodh is army-centric and more focused on how the proceedings take place. Uri's movie has drama, the sole soldier story with all the factors that could grasp the eyeballs of the viewer. Avrodh gives you a real feel of the situation and showcases how the strike happened and is very close to the real-life action in September 2016.

The legendary episode is worthful watch with family, and your head will rise with pride. So, if you want to watch any patriotic web series this week then go ahead and watch this. Let patriotism flourish through heroic stories.  


  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I liked the length of the episodes. These days a lot of good web series are coming. It gets hard to decide which one to pick. But going by your review, I will watch this.

  2. I am always on the look out for new interesting series to watch. This Avrodh, The Seige Within Web series sounds very intriguing, so it's next on my watch list

  3. I was infact looking for a series to watch with kids as Independence day is coming. I really like the story line of Avrodh, hope it is suitable for teens. We all just love Uri movie, this year we can watch something new, thanks to your recommendation.

  4. It's weekend and I was planning for a web series this is perfect pick thank you for recommending it seems interesting sure will be checking out.

  5. I had watched the promo of this web series few days ago. and after reading your review, feeling curious to watch it. Madurima tuli is a fine actor, would love to see her role as a reporter in this promising web series.

  6. Nice review. I like that you compared it with the movie also so we know what to expect where. A web series is always more real than a movie as the movie will always have their focus on the entertainment.

  7. Nice review. I liked that you compared it with the movie because we know what to expect when we're watching the movie and this web series. The movie is mostly for entertainment purposes so I can totally understand the difference.

  8. Thank you for the recommendation as we enjoy such shows and this seems to be a very gripping and an interesting one.


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