Saturday 20 June 2020

How Failures can Lead us to VIRTUOUS PATH : Poetry

Life keeps throwing many challenges before us only to teach us its beautiful precious lessons. But the question arises as to why this learning is necessary at all?


Most of us know what to do when we achieve our dreams or how to celebrate this virtue of life but what if the path taken by us leads nowhere or what if we could not attain what we want?


This backward push of life is the most important chapter of life and handling these situations gracefully is the real test. Let not negativity creep in and stride with more passion to move ahead. These poetic lines will surely give a way to handle the failures and lead a Virtuous Path.


Past or present,

Life is a never ending wet serum.

Tastes bittersweet at times,

But attach beautiful learnings of miles.


Win win situation when in,

Celebrations always creep in.

Confidence smears our heart,

To leap even more fast.


But coin has its other side too,

Circumstances arouse a downfall of steep queue.

Monumentous efforts will not wash away any pain,

Path sometimes has a trodden stain.


Strong mind and resilient heart is the need,

Difficult path may lead to slowed speed.

Mark this landmark of informal learning,

So that there is no negative turning. 


Smell this virtue of life's backward ride,

Oh girl! you will surely stridulate with pride.


Learnings and failures in the life path are only turns that give us life lessons and make us mark that as speed breaker where the next onward journey is beautiful. If you liked this poetry then you will also surely like the poetry Love Thyself


This post is part of Wordle#194 of Mindlovemiserysmenagerie.


Take good care of yourself as Self Love is utmost priority and you can also read How to Stay Calm post to know ways to stay calm in pressure.




  1. Life is all about learning and growth =) Beautifully done!

  2. Wow loved this poem and I agree life is beautiful but equally challenging and we have to keep ourselves prepared for dealing with the adversity of it.

  3. Hello dear. Loved your thoughts and positive interpretation of failure. However Self love is the keyword here. Kudos on yr beautiful poem.

  4. How positively you have penned an ideal flow of a life one should follow to live it to the fullest while handling all ups and downs. Absolutely agree on these line where you said .
    "Strong mind and resilient heart is the need,

    Difficult path may lead to slowed speed"

    Archana Srivastava

  5. Beautiful poem, keep on going and do your task that's most important. failure and success is just the part.

  6. Life is a roller coaster ride for sure. But, we should know how to embrace both crest and troughs of life. Self -love is the key to your come back.Beautiful poem .

  7. A lovely poem that encapsulates everything we must live by, especially in these difficult times. You really have a knack for expressing yourself through poetry!

  8. It is very important to learn from your failures, stay motivated and keep going in life.

  9. success is built on heels of failure :) such a beautiful, well put poem.
    my son also liked it :)

  10. Aaahh strong mind and resilient heart are what we need, this line will stay with me for a long time.loved the poem buddy.

  11. We learn more from failures than we do from success. They make us strong and humble. Lovely lines and something we must all focus on.

  12. Such a beautiful poem. Failure is not the end ,success just start after the failure.. you have written so beautifully..

  13. What a beautiful thought and these lines are a true dose of motivation. Each failure is a step towards success. Loved reading this.

  14. Beautiful poem. Taking failure as a lesson and learning from it is the right approach. This is the beginning of self acceptance too when we recognise our shortcomings.

  15. That is such an inspiring poem.. Life is really filled with ups and downs and we need to be strong else we will be gone without living it to the fullest.

  16. Thats a lovely poem, and captures the highs and low very nicely.
    I really liked: beautiful learnings of miles --- what a lovely way to totally spin the perspective!

  17. We must never let go of will power in life, rightly said.


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