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3 Pillars for Right Education : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

Education comes to us in varying forms and styles for example through formal learnings in class rooms and informal way through experiences of life. The learning curve progresses towards positive scale and allows us the power to judge what is right for us, for our family, for our society we live and our nation. 

Gaining knowledge is not a process that has some specific time frame, it walks with us throughout our life making us little by little educated. The three step process that can clear the haze of understanding the fine line between good and bad is to Accept, Adapt and Reflect. Education gives the power to control all the these.

In the third post in the series #EducationForAll with Blogchatter under #CauseAChatter let us focus on how these 3 steps can make a smooth sail in tough times of life as an individual and as society.

right education for all - AuraOfThoughts


Acceptance towards the circumstances can be easy or difficult depending on the various other factors. And one of the most important factor to it is knowledge about the change. The transition is easy if we all know why the change is happening and where it will lead to us.

In the Coronavirus outbreak, rightly educated people understood the effects of it and started social distancing as soon as possible and once education of same was give to illiterate people they also started doing the same without any qualms for the benefit of the society.

My helper started questioning and crying that why Society thinks that disease can be brought by working class like them. Then I made her understand that it is not about them it is about social distancing society and government are asking everyone to stay home. Such misconceptions need to be stopped with right amount of knowledge on the subject.


After acceptance, next step is adapting the change with the knowledge in the hand. Adaptability becomes smooth when reasoning to the situation is clear. Different circumstances around pose different challenges, but adapting to the changes is the only way that takes us ahead in life. This comes only through constant learnings and understanding the requirements by judging the consequences wisely.

 We always find that there is a difference in thought process from generation to generation but only education can clear the haze of differences and bring about an output that suits all. 

As we all are aware that adaptability is the only process that helped many species to survive and this holds true till date. Those who can adjust with the circumstances can only win at the end.


When the above two steps that is accept and Adapt are completed it is the time to reflect in the situation. By reflect I mean the way we execute the steps after accepting the change. Reflection also comes from practising and also from observing.

The education is reflected with the way we lead our life, so when silly acts are performed by educated people it is more surprising as it questions their foundation of life that is education. And few illiterate people reflect amazing examples by leading their life with the observation skills and by practising with a reason.

Right education for all - auraofthoughts

If we all have these 3 step process in each situation then we can surely be on winning side be any mammoth situation. The attitude of a citizen defines the shape of his / her country. The power to withstand the challenges by adapting to the circumstances and accepting the future changes in a smooth manner is the outcome of education. 

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  1. Education has much deeper purpose rather than just a certificate or marks that lead to jobs. If our education don't allow us to accept the three pillar, as mentioned by you, we are definitely missing the purpose.

  2. Yes, education is not always bookish. Real life incidences teach us many things. Understanding the situation and then acting accordingly is wisdom.

  3. A well to education is a well to go's not just the books knowledge we read but beyond tht also is a part of education for all of us...

  4. I think I missed your second post in this series. Will catch up. Could relate to this topic and reflect being a teacher myself.

  5. This is such a great series for #causeachatter and I agree education is most important aspect of any person's life and shapes the mental and intellectual personalities. I really like the way you had shared three important pillars ( accept, adopt and reflect), indeed these three things are really important and helps in choosing right path specially during adverse conditions.

  6. Reflection is the so very important after adaptability and acceptance does its job. Also rightly said about the "rightly educated". Have seen many so called educated behaving in an unacceptable manner.
    Very relevant post.

  7. You know what...these are not only pillars of education but also for life ..we should accept and adapt the changes and reflect that we are accepting and adapting them in right way!!

  8. Education evolves and so should we. Only then real learning takes place. Love the topic you chose for the series. Your posts are insightful and make the reader think.

  9. Education does broaden out our horizons and mellows our perspective which is why I feel everyone should get educated.These three virtues of Accept,Adapt and Reflect actually can make life so much happier.

  10. Well said Meenal. Acceptance, adaptability and reflection are not only three pillars to education but also life. In this pandemic times it's important to accept our tough times, adapt new norms and reflect how to sail through this.

  11. Changes are constant in life. The best way to be comfortable with them is following the 3 steps you suggested here. These educational tips are good for any life situation.

  12. You have described the points so beautifully . And as Debidutta said , Acceptance, Adaptability and reflection is not only need for study but also for our life too .

  13. Such a well written post totally agree on it as these are three important pillars of education, it helps in lifetime how to accept things that comes and adapt to it and work accordingly

  14. Agree that learning doesn't stop till our last breath. And we should not only adapt but also follow it

  15. Education is more than just about good grades. These three pillars definitely help us in inculcating values that we will use for the rest of our life.

  16. Now this is some food for thought for me. Yes these three pillars are crucial for the right to education. The way maid behaved at your place makes it more relevant. This is pure ignorance and the petite curiosities of uneducated mind.

  17. These three terms - accept, adapt and reflect are so powerful. We need to accept the present and then adapt according to it before we reflect and teach others about it.

  18. You mention this as a 3 step process but each and every step takes so very much out of us... To accept, to adapt and then to reflect from a neutral perspective.


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