Wednesday 22 April 2020

Thriller Series Rangbaaz & Rangbaaz Phirse on ZEE5 for action during Lockdown : #StayHomeToZEE5

During Lockdown we all need to stay positive and be calm and for that there are various methods right from home workouts, meditation to healthy eating and of course keeping us occupied with well crafted shows. ZEE5 has huge variety of shows that are quite captivating and keeps you engage to forget the crisis situation by getting you involved in them. In thriller section I was totally enthralled by Rangbaaz and Rangbaaz Phirse series. These shows are like get the action going without stepping out. Let’s look at the plot and star cast of both the shows which are based on true incidents and personalities.

Rangbaaz :

·      It showcases story of boy who once a student of college turns out to gangster in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and that too so cruel in his deeds that he becomes the second most wanted criminal in the nation.

·      This story is based on true person named Shri Prakash Shukla, whereas in series the name is aliased to Shiv Prakash Shukla played by Saqib Saleem. We all remember Saqib Saleem portraying the playful character in ‘Mere Dad ki Maruti’ but in this series you all can witness the dark side portrayed by him.

·      Story revolves around the character Shiv and starts with a flashback giving a glimpse how his first encounter with crime started and what was the reason behind it.

·      How step by step he enters into the political background and how each incident makes his image as a goon leader emerges is directed well by Bhav Dhulia.

·      Shiv character has shades of personal life too and how this gave a lead to police officers to take a nab on him is also actioned in proper way.

·      Supporting characters played by Tigmanshu Dhulia as Ram Shankar Tiwari (inspired by Hari Shankar Tiwari). Ranvir Shorey as Sidharth Pandey Aahana Kumra as Babita Sharma, Ravi Kishan as Chandra Bhan Singh have strong roles and have poured in their efforts to complete the crime plot picture well.

Rangbaaz Phirse

·      Rangabaaz Phirse, which was premiered on 20 December 2019.  is also based on a true life story of a gangster named Anandpal Singh who was active in state Rajasthan whose name is aliased in the series as Amar Pal Singh.

·      Lead role Amar Pal Singh is played by Jimmy Shergil who is known for playing many off beat roles and one has to praise for his efforts for sinking in the character so well, be it the mannerism or the slang he has done everything perfectly.

·      This season also starts with a cue of flashback that takes us to the time where Amar Pal Singh wins the college elections. Later how step by step he falls in the cracks of the politics and turns out to be huge name in the criminal land.

·      The story is about a man falling in to the criminal pit deeper each time he tries to raise from it and at last when he tries to settle the things the situation is not in his favour and he and his family suffers.

·      The other leading roles played by  Sharad KelkarMahima Makwana and Gul Panag, Sonam Arora have contributed excellently in the series.

Why to watch Rangbaaz & Rangbaaz Phirse:

·      Both series have 9 episodes each, so in total we have power packed 18 episodes of action thrill with a crime and politics as background.

·      Star cast of the series is quite strong and takes you along the journey of the gangsters.

·      In both the seasons of Rangbaaz you can also find the bold titles of each episode that takes the story forward such as Sabki Samadhi Banegi ( Everyone’s coffin will be made) , Bhiksha Shiksha & Diksha ( Donation Education Initiation).

·      Watching the series based on true events gives a goose bumps as sometimes it does get to the extreme.

·      Both the seasons are independent are not related so you can pick any one of them first as per your choice and enjoy the later another day.

So if you are feeling bored at home and looking for some thrill in the life through watching Television then you can tune in to these shows to have action at home without stepping out #StayHomeToZEE5. Staying indoors we all are fighting against Coronavirus and save ourselves and our nation.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy !



  1. I have been wanting to watch something new on TV, and ZEE5 always has some great content. Will start watching Rangbaaz next.

  2. It's best to do in times like these where we are fighting against Coronavirus while getting bored at home to watch ZEE5. Thanks for these cool recommendations

  3. The Rangbaaz series about a young boy from Gorakhpur taking up to crime like fish is to water,is really quite thrilling to watch , even though I am not a big fan of violence , this surely keeps the tempo up.

  4. I like Jimmy Shergill and Saqeeb Saleem and they're great actors. The series sound interesting with a rustic feel to it. Will check out.

  5. The series seems too exiting and thrilling to watch. Zee5 has always come up with interesting web series. Will ask my husband to surely watch this series.

  6. I didnt know that this web series is based on a true life events of Amar Pal Singh. Surely watching it today and second season after few days.

  7. i am so into thrillers the days, i want to watch this series. zee5 has come up with so many good series. i like their content.

  8. I would be watching this today as I have heard a lot of good reviews on this. And your review made me more curious on this series.

  9. Best thing about the series is both are not related with each other I am going to watch the second part this looks quiet interesting. Thanks for recommendation

  10. I saw the advertisement but wasn’t sure whether to pick up on these ; but your reviews got me intrigued & moreover its based on Real life characters makes it more interesting

  11. This series has been on my list for a while now and I have to give it a watch soon

  12. Although I dont have Zee now since I usually dont watch much on the channels but these series look great. Will check more review and may take the channel just for this

  13. Yeah I have yet to get the subscription. So busy with other things so am just watching my series on Netflix. Thanks for the information.

  14. This is such a suspenful thriller, I have heard a lot about it from friends now after reading this article. I need to watch it now.

  15. What a wonderful summary of Rangbaaz & Rangbaaz Phirse. I haven't seen either of these but you have created the perfect premise for me to watch. In any case, I love the acting of Jimmy Shergill and Saqib Saleem.

  16. I'm yet to watch zee5 series I'm definitely taking its subscription now .

  17. Unfortunately I can’t access zee5 in my location. These thriller series seems interesting. I will recommend this to my family back in India.

  18. I have binged watched this show and have loved it. Such a fast watch!

  19. Rangbaaz is quite a trending show on Zee5. Love reading about it everytime I come across a blog.


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